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New spark plug covers

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title says it, been looking for a set for a while got a stellar deal on them.




excuse all the dirt and shit under the hood the car has been sitting under cover in the garage for a while now. The good news is January or BUST baby the car goes back under the knife to finish her fine ass. I can almost taste it. This time unlike the times before I am putting the car on a need to do basis meaning no matter what happens the car is getting done the money is seperate from my normal cash flow for this main reason. So count on having videos and pics of her as she comes along. Should only take maybe a month or two to get her running and thats without me rushing it(which I might a bit). Anyways till next time.........


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sorry missed your post blue, outlaw in az fastest street car. in psca its looking more like XDR which allows a 10.5 slick. Granted id get my ass handed to me by my them more than likely considering Dana is going like 7.80 or something stupid on her setup, I dont plan on going quite that fast but I dunno better to see what she does when shes all done maybe ill be running 14s or something.

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