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4V tech?

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try not to post links if at all possible. We like first hand experience more that way we can have hands-on help and experience to answer any questions =]

Exactly. I was going to say something similar earlier but got side tracked. We want THIS FORUM to have articles not links pointing users to other forums for information. That defeats the purpose of this forum.

Feel free to write up articles and How-To's

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How about copying & pasting articles we find online? But not just putting a link.. actually posting the article.

I'd be careful with that if you didn't write the article yourself, technically it could be considered plagiarism if you do not cite where you got it from. even then the owner may not want it to be taken..

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If you guys are going to take articles and copy and paste them, make sure that you have the owners permission. Preferably, just take pictures of your own ventures along the way and write them up yourself!

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