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Post your engine combination!!! [Pushrods]

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EZ6M-6015-G351 SVO 4-bolt main block (4.040" x 4.00 = 410 cu in)

- Eagle ESP 4340 crank/ h-beam rods

- SRP/JE Pistons (-19 cc dished / 10.8:1 ratio)

- ARP rod bolts, ARP main studs

- internally balanced

- 0 oz balance SFI balancer

- Canton 7 qt oil pan

Procomp 210 cc heads (freshly rebuilt and CNC ported)

- EPW 1.6 ratio RR

- Trick Flow stage 3 cam

- Comp Cams linked bar, roller lifters

- Comp Cams pushrods

- ARP head bolts

- Edelbrock valve covers

Trick Flow Specialties R intake

- 75 mm throttle body

- #42 injectors

- Aeromotive fuel rails (related AN fittings)

- AEM, externally mounted fuel pressure regulator (black braided lines and black fittings)

- custom CAI

Updated July 7, 2014 new pictures soon

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Fordstrokers forged 347 stroker, 10.6:1 CR

Scat forged crank

Scat forged I-beam rods

Probe SRS forged flat top pistons

Holley SysteMax heads, converted to 7/16 stud mount

Holley SysteMax intake, smoothed and powder coated, custom intake plaque

Fabricated Valve covers

Anderson N61 Cam

Scorpion 1.6 roller rockers (7/16" stud mount)

Comp Cams Lifters

Trick Flow Pushrods

SA Gear Billet Timing Chain

28oz SFI balancer

ARP Main Studs

Probe Main Girdle

Canton 7qt road race oil pan clearanced for 94/95

Accufab 75mm Race Fox Body TB conversion

Ford Racing 42lb injectors

Russell fuel lines

ARP fasteners throughout

CSR -20an swivel water neck

Procharger D1SC

Race Mart 50mm BOV

Custom built piping/power pipe

Procharger sheet metal 3 core race intercooler






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I dont have an engine anymore:sour:

Old combo:



Fti custom cam

holley systemax


70mm tbody

pmas 95mm maf


Was a fun street combo and Im sure Im gonna miss the simplicity of it all but then again rolling 70mph burnouts will quickly take my mind off it hahaha

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**Fox Lake Built 306 Short Block**

- DSS Forged pistons

- Scat I Beams

- New Stock Crank (im cheap)

- ARP Bolts

**What I had in the garage**

- TFS Stage 1 Cam

- TFS Upper and Lower Intake

- Comp Cams Timing Chain

- TFS Lifters

- Ford Racing X303 Heads with Upgraded Springs

- SVO B351 1.6 RR

- Ford Racing Hardened Pushrods

- Melling Oil Pump/ pickup tube

- Ford Racing 24# Injectors

- C&L intake with 76mm Mass Air

- Pro Products 75mm TB

- Ceramic Coated Shorties

- All ARP Fastners through out




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lightning maf, anderson power pipe, 75mm pro-products tb, ported 94 cobra upper/lower with 3/8" spacer and arp bolts, trick flow twisted wedge 170cc heads with svo 1.6 RR and trick flow stage 1 cam, BBK shorty headers, magnaflow high-flow catted X-pipe, dynomax side exhaust system, 3 bank chip.

Wanting to put a bottle on top now.

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lightning maf, anderson power pipe, 75mm pro-products tb, ported 94 cobra upper/lower with 3/8" spacer and arp bolts, trick flow twisted wedge 170cc heads with svo 1.6 RR and trick flow stage 1 cam, BBK shorty headers, magnaflow high-flow catted X-pipe, dynomax side exhaust system, 3 bank chip.

Wanting to put a bottle on top now.

Pics? ... I seen that intake u been working on, looks nice

Sent from my EVO 3D using tapatalk

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Some nice combos in here. Guess I'll post up my slow ass combo.

.030" over 302, 306 ci, 8.5:1 custom pistons, forged I beam rods, forged eagle crank, std volume oil pump and h code race bearings. Heads are box stock edelbrock Vic jr. Cam is a off the shelf blower/turbo cam from comp with .550 lift. Intake is a TFs track heat ported to accept an 80mm accufab fb. Have a cxracing intercooler setup on it, set up for blow thru, and a vortech v1 s trim making about 14psi on a good day. Using a stock flywheel, harmonic balancer and foxbody front drive. Engine is cooled by the stock sn95 fan and a mishimoto radiator.


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351W Out of a 95 Cobra R

- Custom CNC Ported 234HR Trick Flow High Port Heads

- 2.055 X 5/16 Super Alloy Intake Valves

- 1.60 X 5/16 Super Alloy Exhaust Valves

- Lunati LSX Dual Valve Spring Kit

- TFS Hardened Guid Plates For 5/16 Push Rods

- ARP Pro Series 7/16 Rocker Arm Studs

- FTI Push Rods

- Custom Grind FTI Camshaft

- 605/565 lift

- Edelbrock Victor EFI Intake

- Accufab 75MM Throttle Body

- FMS #36LB Injectors

- PMAS 95MM Mass Air Meter

- Trick Flow 1.7 Roller Rockers

- ARP Head Studs

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Stock 302 short block

AFR 185 58cc


Holley Systemax intake

BBK 75mm TB converted to foxbody

ford racing push rods

TFS lifters

comp cams timing chain

mac unequal shorties

BBK orr road H-pipe


30lbs injectors (looking for 42s to convert to E85)

Ebay CAI (soon to be gone)

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so many nice builds here for sure.

Stock shortblock

Kenne Bell 2.2/Flowzilla

GT40 lower

AFR 165cc heads

Steeda #19 cam

Crane/Cobra 1.7 RR

TFS 6.25" Hardened pushrods

ARP Head studs

Melling high volume oil pump

FRPP 42lb injectors

90mm Lightning MAF

Pro-Products 70mm TB/intake elbow

Walbro 255lph fuel pump

Stant 180° t-stat

Smog/EGR deleted

1" phenolic intake spacer.

Oldish pic:


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Damn 95riosnake. Dayum.

I've since moved on from my SN95 and its big Windsor, but it was:

422 cubic inch SBF:

1969 Production 351W Engine Block

SCAT 4340 Forged 4.1" Stroke Crankshaft

Oliver Billet 6.2" Connecting Rods

Ross custom 39cc Pistons

Clevite Bearings

Hellfire Piston Rings

Melling High Volume Oil Pump

Moroso 7 quart Oil Pan

Crane (Rollmaster) Billet Timing Chain

Flowtech Induction custom grind camshaft

Brodix M2 Track 1 CNC Cylinder Heads

Comp Cams Pro Magnum 1.6 ratio Roller Rockers

Comp Cams hardened Pushrods

Trick Flow "R" Intake Manifold, custom finish

Accufab 90mm Throttle Body

ARP hardware throughout the Engine

Ford Motorsport Valve Covers, custom finish

Pioneer SFI Spec 28 oz Harmonic Balancer

Accufab 1 3/4" Mid-Length Headers w/3" custom stainless exhaust



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I still have that upper intake, and my one-of-a-kind crank, water pump, and alternator pulleys. For some reason I haven't sold them even though I don't have a car to put them on. :P I have over 100 hours of work into the upper intake alone. For real.


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If you ever find it in yourself to sell the water pump pulley, let me know ;)

I believe you completely about the amount of time you had in the upper. Back in the day I was determined to mirror polish my stock cobra upper... A few days in, it ended up smoothed and painted silver... I didn't have the patience, and I usually have a LOT of patience, lol.

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I spent dozens of hours sanding, then had it cut and welded, then more sanding, then professional polishing, which polished a hole in it (doh!), then more cutting/welding, then more sanding, then more professional polishing, then copper plating, then nickel plating, then triple chrome plating. Same for all the accessory brackets and pulleys. It took forever.

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Stock long block other than ported E7's

Ported upper and lower intakes

Custom turbo kit

86mm turbo

60lb injectors

Twin walbro 255's

1" phenolic spacer

Auto lite 24's

Megasquirt EMS

Devils own water meth injection(yet to be installed)

Msd ignition

Aode transmission

Rebuilt using red clutches

New brazed drum

New j-mod valvebody

No 1-2,2-3 springs

B&M ratchet shifter(yet to be installed)

Basic stuff


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351W block

Eagle 393 crank

Eagle I beam rods

Stock 351 roller cam

Keith Black domed pistons

P&P E7 heads

Summit dual plan intake

Summit carb

This is in my F250 for pulling my car. When my modular decides its done, then this engine will be getting freshened up, better heads, cam, intake, and stuffed in my car





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Stock block/crank/rods 306

SRP forged pistons

XE274HR cam (.555/.565 lift, 274/282 duration, 112 LSA)

GT40P heads

* 1.90/1.54 valves, chromoly retainers

* 10 degree locks

* CraneCams dual valve springs (.575 lift)

* CraneCams stud mount conversion

* FMS 1.6 stud mount roller rockers

* FMS black/red valve covers

3" crank pulley

RPM Air-Gap intake manifold

Holley 750 double pumper

No AC/Smog/PS

BBK shorty headers

Bassani catted x-pipe (previous owner of mid-pipe hollowed out the cats)

Dynomax 18" race bullets, through LX stainless tips

Stock T5 trans

Pro 5.0 shifter

Spec Stg 2 10" clutch kit (will soon be upgrading to a Centerforce DF 10.5" setup)

Stock 7.5" rear w/ 3.08 gears








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-DSS 331

-AFR comp 185s

-AFM B21 cam

-Edelbrock performer RPM intake

-70mm throttle body

-pro-m 80mm maf

-42# injectors

-bbk ceramic long tubes

-dr. gas o/r x-pipe

-dynomax race bullets

-vortech supercharger w/2.95 pulley

-smog, EGR, A/C deleted


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Mondo/crazy/budget 302 build on my 5.0 Cobra before I started on a 351, then sold everything and wound up with a modular 8 months later.

-Stock block honed in my garage

-Stock rods

-KB116 dome pistons

-Stock crank

-Edel RPM heads 2.02/1.60 valves

-Comp XE270HR-112

-1.7 rockers

-Cobra intake ported by tmoss

-Tuned by Craig Radovich of Radical Racing in Atco, NJ








Including the tune that was all done for about $2600, almost all parts used off the corral classifieds.

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I have 2500 wrapped up in mine

393 Stroker kit

eagle crank

Eagle rods

Keith black domed pistons

Ported e7 heads

351w roller cam

Summit dual plane intake

Holley 600 carb

One hell of a pulling machine

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Alright time to let the cat out of the bag....Heres the new setup lol

331 Liberator Dar Shortblock

Dart SHP Machined Block

FordStrokers/RPM 4340 Forged Steel 3.250 Crankshaft -


FordStrokers/RPM 4340 Forged Steel H Beam Connecting

Rods 5.400

Wiseco 2618 Forged Pistons (14cc, Inline) 4.030

Wiseco GFX Ring Package

Clevite 77 H Main Bearings

Clevite 77 H Rod Bearings

Dart Coated Cam Bearings

Screw in Oil Galley Plugs

Fel Pro Rear Main Seal

ARP Main Studs

Freeze Plugs

Cam Bolt

Cam Retainer Plate

SA Gear Billet Timing Chain w/Torrington Bearing

Melling Oil Pump M68

ARP Oil Pump Bolts

Moroso Oil Pump Pick up 24519

ARP Billet Oil Pumpshaft

Fel Pro 1 Piece Pan Gasket

Moroso 7qt Oil Pan - 20511

FTI custom cam

FTI prepped AFR Renegade 195 competition heads

FTI ported Holley systemax2

aeromotive A1000 pump

Aeromotive A100 regulator

60# injectors

Vortech @16psi

backed by a tko 600

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^ Awesome Rich!

What breed of vortech might this be? I'm going to guess T-trim?

.For this season it will be an SI trim, maybe next year an upgrade if need be. I think ill be pretty satisfied for a bit as Ill still have the 100 shot on top if I ever need it. I will also be running a meth set up to help keep my iats down. I dont plan on to much seat time this season as Im expecting to be working out all the unexpected bugs, so I really dont see any changes for the near future but ya never know. All in all it should hit 700+ on the juice :tennis:

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