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6 minutes ago, LWARRIOR1016 said:

You want me to bring them to work and pressure test to 3k psi? I can do it lol. 


Hmm and if they fail you can rebuild them. I'm seeing this as a win either way. I think they'll be ok, I'm gonna test them to about 80 psi.

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11 minutes ago, Evilcw311 said:

3,000 psi??? What’s a top fuel dragster run for fuel pressure?!?!?

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I don’t know, but the helicopters I work on run hydraulics at 3k psi. So the lines I build for them have to test good at 5k psi for 5 minutes. 

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8 hours ago, Dalamar said:

Impressive work man, way to stick with it!

Thank you, Jeff. 🥰  It’s been a long road and I’ve wanted to scrap it more than a few times. I’m too hard headed to part ways with it and @LWARRIOR1016 would scold me. 

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Had a couple of power steering system leaks:






Found these issues:

(This wasn’t even hand tight!)



(Internally damaged Teflon hose)



More on this later...

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Started programming the HEFI to utilize the PWM fan controller and I quickly realized nothing was happening. Found this blown fuse right away. Couldn’t find any reason for it to be blown (cut wires, obviously burnt wiring, etc) and the fan turned freely...



So, I picked another one after work last night. Checked power at the fuse holder and was rewarded with a steady 13.1 Vdc Opened the circuit breaker, popped the new fuse in, closed the circuit breaker and suddenly the fucking fan came on but then immediately stopped!!


”I blew the new mother fucking fuse.”



Can confirm.




Now I decided to trace the wiring again and compare my work to the directions. 

This is how it’s wired left to right;  


1. Power to fan (BK)

2. Power incoming (BK)

3. Chassis ground (GRN)

4. Fan ground (GRN)



This is what should’ve happened:




Fuck me! Somehow wired it up 4, 3, 2, 1 which means the connector was backwards.



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12 minutes ago, Evilcw311 said:

Wait a sec...........don’t you do electrical for a living?!?!?!

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8 hours ago, Evilcw311 said:

Wait a sec...........don’t you do electrical for a living?!?!?!

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AC wiring man, black is hot and green is ground. He was following what he knows to be right. 


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It’s all good. You probably didn’t know I used to manage a car audio store in my younger days. You probably also didn’t know that all the wiring I’ve installed into the car has been phased according to NEC code so I know what I’m dealing with at a glance. All of my spliced are soldered and all of my cable ends are properly crimped. I’m no hack but I am human.

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Oh yeah... Smoked that sucker!!








The new one works just fine!


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go drop the fuel tank. 


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Trimmed some more material from the tank support and now the fuel lines aren’t in a bind. The tank is now properly secured.








What a freaking mess...







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3 hours ago, LWARRIOR1016 said:

Right on. I’m glad my shenanigans led to something good lol. 


Don't be so sure!! Strengthened my resolved to ditch the 4V and swap in that Coyote engine.

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Installed the remainder of the rear ended lines tonight. To do so, I removed the driver’s side shock and bolted on the outboard hose bracket. How about that crusty spot? I had to remove the anti-moan brackets to get the Baer brackets in place. Just another item on my endless “to-do list”.
After that was squared away, I worked on the hard line.
Tight working quarters!
The process was repeated in the passenger side and lastly I connected the Tee to the main line. Found out that particular banjo bolt is a smaller thread pitch that the calipers. 


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My next installment in this saga will be finishing the extended stud installation, installing the upper shock mounts and installing the sway bar links. That will just about wrap up the rear suspension. I should be able to sit the car on the ground and begin prepping it for THE ROAD!!!



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Round one involves surface prep work and marking the holes. There was globe of seam sealer that needed to be removed.



This should help ensure the holes are drilled right the first time.





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Round two involved a trip to harbor freight for some TOP QUALITY* tools! Found a 90* drill adaptor and a long dick long 1/8” drill bit. They are now both deceased BUT I have one side nearly finished. Just have to torque things down.



D-E-D dead







Yes, I know my exhaust isn’t connected. I’m waiting for a set of new rubber hangers. The parts store variety hangs too low.

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Round three happened after a return trip to Harbor Freight for a replacement TOP QUALITY tool and a lunch break. Over all it went smoothing and I am now finished so here are some pictures lol

Before I started in the other side, I took the time to hit some welds with a shot of paint.


Added a MM lower shock mounts since I came across it.


The view from below of the finished upper shock mount.


This is what I’ve been installing:


The finished product!! Just needs to be adjusted!





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Round four was installing extended wheel studs, new rear calipers/pads and lastly the freakin wheel/tire.

I took a 39/64 bit and opened the holes in the axles a bit. Damn drill battery died on me here, lol


Used a stack of leftover spacers from some suspension install and an old lug but to complete the install.


Put the Baer rotor on...


...the caliper bracket, new pads, 43mm caliper, installed the e-brake cable and the braided hose.


This just looks cool.



On to the other side!

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3 hours ago, streetpilot said:

Progress is good. Still moving forward. You'll get there!👍

Little by little! 


The car is still largely untuned but it runs!


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Late update.. 


Wheeled the car out for a much needed bath.






Added some fluid to the T45




Installed an amazon vacuum tree and installed the MAP sensor bracket.


Put the older CAI back on because it just looks better.



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I need to swap the brake calipers around in the front and attach the lines. Introduce fluid and bleed. 

Ordered a some DSS driveshaft so I can install the T56 Magnum and also some Dynomax UltraFlo mufflers. 

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