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Live at Mustang Week 2013!

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Sick pics and vids and gotta love sexport lights boys ... That makes me want to bag my Stang even more now

- - - Updated - - -

The best part those are Tony's old wheels

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It was a fun week and ended too quickly as usual.

Agreeed! Aside from the bullshit we had to deal with between corrupt tow truck drivers and asshole cops, it was a blast. Had a great time, saw some great cars, met ssome great people, and for sure will be coming back next year!

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I will be back next year but in a hotel or house on the beach. It was fun as hell. Also great to meet a bunch of you all.
I know everyone loves HSS but I have been saying it for year and I have never had a problem because all the asshats that bring the cops attention are down that way but Barefoot landing is where I stay every year that I go and you can't beat the location to everything as well the place itself.

from the other side of waterway. you can see our banner hanging up.


We had a deluxe 4 room villa between 11 people, which 8 of those were couples, so everyone got their own room with outside access I was basically a full on house with a great view.. It' ran us $2600 but we broke that up between 11 people and guess what it cost us $236.36 a person to stay for 9 days. So for me and the wife a 9 day trip in one of the best condos I have ever stayed at cost $472 it was awesome. I wish my laptop wasn't down so I could post pics.

Room Facilities: Balcony, View, Telephone, Cable channels, Air conditioning, Iron, Desk, Ironing facilities, Heating, Carpeted, Hairdryer, Free toiletries, Toilet, Bathtub or shower, Refrigerator, Microwave, Kitchen, Dining area, Kitchenware, Oven, Stovetop, Coffee machine, Alarm clock

This link will give you an idea with their pictures what we had. You put the SN95Source group in one of these we get guarded lots with out all the drama.

Barefoot Landing Resorts

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you're gonna need a few people
we can make this happen lol
If it got moved to Panama City, I'd be all over it (assuming I'm not on vacation as I was this year).

hell that would be a vacation for most of us lol.

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hell that would be a vacation for most of us lol.

Kinda my thought. It's still an 8 hour drive for me, but I could definitely make a weekend out of it and it not impact my actual vacation days.

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