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turbo size selection ??

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So with operation Cheap Ass Bitch underway a discussion came up about going turbo. Some one we know locally has a turbo from an SVO Mustang, so price wise it may fit into Operation CAB. So here are the questions.

This being a smaller turbo made for a 4 cylinder would it be able to support a 4.6L at higher RPM.? After all it was designed for a motor half of the project size.

Would I have to twin turbo it with two of the smaller SVO Turbos or would they still not support the motor at higher RPM's?

If I were to try to go single small turbo would it adversely effect the engine running the turbo off of only 1 bank of exhaust with out the extra back pressure on the other bank? I think tryong to run both banks of exhaust through that small of a turbo would cause a back pressure issue.

I do realize it would be better to run twins on a small turbo or run bigger turbo's for more boost, but I don't really care about that as that is not the question, so unless you have a better turbo to offer for really cheap then other turbos do not fit into the scheme of Operation CAB.



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I can't recall the exact specs of the ol' SVO turbos, but I will answer this with a very generic answer. You have two options here. A) get two and do a twin setup, or B) run it as a single but convert to external wastegate. You definitely don't want to run one bank of exhaust through the turbo while leaving the other open, so that's out of the question. The only way to run this in a single configuration, would be with a basic crossover setup, convert the turbo to run an external gate by either replacing the turbine housing, or welding the internal wastegate "flapper" shut, and purchase a gate big enough to evacutate the excess exhaust. If the gate is too small, it won't be able to handle the volume of exhaust gas, and you will see boost creep, and potentially overspin the turbo at higher rpm's.. There are options out there as far as internally gated turbos that would work, however I'm fairly certain that the svo turbo turbine side is simply to small, and would not be able to handle that volume of exhaust gas.

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