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Donovan's Cobra on Hoodrat Sunday!

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Had a blast down in Cleveland turning wrenches with [MENTION=341]1997cobra[/MENTION] and [MENTION=262]NVRL8TE[/MENTION]! Awarded ourselves on Sunday by doing some hoodrat stuff out in the state parks! Thanks kyle for the spare tire fun ;]






Whenever Kyle gets his iphone fixed, he'll have the video of this first one, absolutely epic!

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how bad ass would it be if all 3 of use were doing a massive burnout at the same time

Dude I already though about this! Hmmmmm now where to do it..........

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hahaha i was going to do the same thing [MENTION=275]Blackmage[/MENTION]. going big is shutting down the highway during rush hour.

Yes, but a 3 car wide burnout on the hwy at night under a street light in my head seems like a badass photo op.

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