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Axle question... What do you think?

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So I asked duff daddy, and he said maybe an F150 or exploder axle, anyways, I snapped a pic of my stock axles that were on my 8.8 I traded to my buddy for the 8.8 out of the mystic. You can see the thickness of the flange on the new rearend, vice the thickness on the old rearend. Plus the old flange was beveled on the backside. What do y'all think? I opted not to open the cover, as I didn't have a gasket or RTV, and this months paycheck is pretty much set aside for upcoming expenses. Figured I'd ask y'all now, and maybe pop the cover later on down the road.


My original axle is top left, the new one out of the mystic is top right.

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cobras always have the abs ring correct? might be out of a non abs gt? mine looked like the top right and I know it is oem cobra stuff

The Cobra had ABS. Had to unhook it when i dropped the rear out. Obviously my GT doesn't have it, but there was no reason to pull axles out just to pull the ring off. Haha

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I am unbelievably confused as to what you are asking then? Are you wondering if your GT has factory axles?

My GT rearend was traded for the mystic rearend. The mystic reared is top right. Are you saying that those are normal axles for a Cobra? I didn't know the GT and Cobra axles were any different. I was only curious because the cobra rearend I installed today had the axles with the thicker flange and a different stamp inside the end.

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GT and Cobra axles should be identical

Hmmmm... Well, obviously something is up, cause you can see the difference...

iirc, my axles look identical to the top right picture. [MENTION=5]Det_Riot[/MENTION] seen them also, he should be able to confirm

You're making my head hurt! lmao... I may just drop the damn diff cover and see if there's anything special inside. Haha... Thanks for the help though fellas, I do appreciate it.

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is it possible the axle on the upper right is an aftermarket? any ford stampings on there?

Didn't see any stampings, but I know on the end of the axle the one has a circle with a line in the middle on the top and bottom. These axles have just a circle and no other castings.

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