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Drifting meets hillclimb - a NASTY M3

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I got to take a ride in an AMG version in a parking lot with a pro driver years ago that reminds me of that. We had our helmets on(with hair nets) walking to the car waiting for us when I was amazed bill didn't think of it "SHOTGUN!!!!!!" - I was doing a touchdown dance and bill was literally jumping up and down cursing that he forgot... Didn't matter. We got in the car, strapped in, and then he launched that thing like a mofo! I remember looking over at the speedo now touching 130, 140, OMG IS THAT 150 AND A 90 DEGREE TURN?! Yes it was and I was amazed at how the car locked the speed down both prior too, and while in to the turn. I thought about either yelling or holding my arms out the window like a roller coaster not sure yet if I was amazed or scared - it was amazed. We went back for a second ride so bill could get shotgun. It was funny because we got into a different drivers car that time, no shit we told THAT driver that we heard about him from the first driver Tom that we rode with earlier. "Yea Tom said you were a big pussy and that he would smoke you on any course, any day idunno he was pretty good WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I was never sure how I got on Mercedes mailing list but 2 yrs in a row they invited me a friend out to a program to test drive some of their new models and to the demo-ride. Those rally cars are no F'n joke. We called the day the MERCEDES DRIVE IT LIKE WE STOLE IT DAY! And we did.............

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