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radar dector questions?

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i need help before i chuck my radar detector off of a tall building, lol. I live in central CA and i keep seeing CHP officers (highway patrol) radar detectors pointed right at my 96 GT and 97 Cobra and nothing from the damn detector....not even a damn BEEP!!!!! I have played around with turning pop mode on and off, have it on the most sensitive mode with full KA ID.....what is going on here??????

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hard to tell it could be a bad/cheap detector not working or maybe you have some cops that like to mess with you. A cheap detector can be as bad or worse then no detector if it makes you think you will know when they are shooting and do not. I would assume they are using laser so it could also be that they just didn't hit the part of your car that the detector reads or even bad placement. I know mine works but it was not a cheapy(bel escort 9500ci)

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Most of the law enforcement agencies are swapping to instant on K band or liadar. The liadar speed detector has two circular lenses one on top of the other. Both the instant on K band and the liadar have a trigger, and don't give you any advance warning. The officer selects the vehicle they want to check the speed of and hit the trigger.


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