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NEW PB for this time of year

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Went to the track today in hopes of a nice day with a good DA. Ended up the weather guy was wrong, was close to 80 with 60% humidity and DA was around 3700. Anyways, the car with Luis's cams and tune went 12.58@108. Times I could only run in cold 40-50 degree fall or spring days. So, need less to say, It would have been close to 11s with a good DA. Last run, I was rushed by the track officials since it was between classes on a bracket race and ended up messing up a 2-3 shift. This was the only run I was doing WOT shifting and the car was on the way to picking up a tenth of a second until that. :( With the DA rising, I decided to call it a day because it would only get worse and no use breaking the car if I wasnt going to get better times. the 108 is my highest MPH to date my 1MPH.


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Here the slips from Sunday in order of the runs. The white slip was my last run that I was going WOT. I was picking up a tenth by 330 foot mark and then I missed 3rd and ruined the whole run. Definitely had a 12.4 in it if I would have hit 3rd


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