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DIY HID retrofits - trying to make a 1-piece sexy.

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I am in the middle of doing my first HID retro fit and had some questions/requests for a write up on how I did it. This is my first time so I am happy to share but I am not an expert by any means. Its not all that hard, the worst part is just separating the lens/reflector but with a heat gun, a number of different prying tools from small flat head screw drivers to paint scraper and picks. I started in one corner and slowly made my way around. Rather then actually melting the glue you really just weaken it with the heat and then separate the two halves. post-61-13881839606978_thumb.jpg Sorry for the differences in pic quality and how the whole post looks. The smaller pics are where it told me the remote file was too large and I still can't hit enter/return while making a post. When I put it together its all one line unless the system starts a new line for me when the old one if full...










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looks interesting - I look forward to the end result

I finished the other one short of polishing the lens, aiming the light and sealing it back up. 1-piece lights have traditionally had a hard time both lining them up with the body lines and aiming them correctly. I am getting around this by not sealing them back up until after I mount them on the car and line them up with the body lines and THEN I will aim the projector and glue it in place so it will not move. Once all that is done I will take them back off and finally finish them completely. post-61-13881839607422_thumb.jpg

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The shrowd for the light had an orange reflector that made a little pocket for the light. The orange in the sea of black stood out like hell and it didn't flow so I cut it out and filed the area on the bottom.post-61-1388183961791_thumb.jpgNow I need to get the car back to finish them. Will update the post with pics of them mounted too see how they look.








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