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Headlights choosing issues

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Wow, i have a ton of threads in this section. So right now im pulling out my hair. Im not concerned about the corner because its oblivious its different because of the amber reflector. I was hoping they were the same light sold with different corners, but from looks it might be a completely different headlight with a light tint instead of pure smoked godness.

GOD of smoked lights.. discontinued....- http://www.americanmuscle.com/smoked-headlights-9498.html

The lights sold now in place of them - http://www.americanmuscle.com/9498-black-headlights-amber.html

American muscle calls them Black headlights instead of smoked. This confuses me also. The black style headlights aren't really smoked, but have a black housing.

What do you guys think? I want something close to the $180 pair, but i doubt i can get that. The corners aren't a problem because i can get the $180 style corners from a member on here, but i dont think it'll match at all.

So are the new style smoked lights or just black housing and very very light smoke tint?

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Think i found a site selling them. There closed till Monday though. Not ordering till they confirm there the correct lights and if not they will take them back with no restocking fee if they ship them to me not as pictured.

Would suck to spend almost $200 and get the lights i could've got for $100 off ebay.

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$170 for these and they have the same SKU number as the old style one. However, they look like a smoked ford light if you look close. The original ones were 100% clear with 3 nipples on it. I will be giving this place a call on Monday and have them check for sure. If so i will be ordering a set because no other smoke lights look this good that are sold in my book.



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I can't find any that work as well as the stock ones. If you can get your original stock ones working, that's what I would use. Just polish the lenses, and seal any leaks with RTV. Smoked lenses is a stupid reason to get pulled over.


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My stock cobra ones had a crack and started to fill with water, I went with a set of clear ones that I think I got from Mustangs Unlimited that have been great so far, Ive had them about 3 years now.

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Damn it! Just called the place that has them listed on there website as in stock and even though its on there website they don't have them.

He even said himself, they discontinued them and the ones they sell now aren't dark tint and have the stock amber reflector in them.

DAMN IT! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :livid:

This is starting to blow!!

Doesn't CJ still sell the smoked ones without any silly reflectors etc? I got mine from them.

Nope, they dont. This is getting really frustrating now. I ordered them and sold them when i got new headlights on my 1997 GT. I shouldv'e kept them if i know they were going to be discoutined

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This man does really good work.

Thanks bud

Sent from my iPhone.

Yuke, you should create a seperate thread with some retrofitted Snive headlights.

I will soon, been swamped with work outside of my retrofit hobby

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