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Post your brake setup

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The same old, dinky stock brakes as depicted above ^

The left a lot to be desired BUT it still stops WAAAAY better than my fox body!!

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I have had almost all of the factory brake setups on my car, ranging from stock, to new edge twin piston, to Cobra kit, to Cobra R Brembo kit. Through out this time, I was able to test 3 of those 4 systems on track, got a pretty good idea of what works, and what doesn't. Keep in mind, that not everything I say will work for everyone. This is based on my experience, my style of driving, which may be slightly different than others. I tend to brake really late, trail brake some corners, so I definitely use the brakes well. Anyway, let's begin.

1. Stock setup


Caliper: Single piston cast iron

Rotor: 10.9in Vented

Pads: Hawk HPS (Street)

Impressions: I've only had the setup for about half a year before I decided to switch over to something else. The thing that concerned me the most was that I would be able to fade brakes at the end of the quarter mile run, and the car would only get up to 90mph or so. That just did not sit well with me. As far as the stock cars go, they were fine, and they did well on the street, however if you wanted to do any kind of performance driving, these would required a lot of work. Cast iron calipers don't seem to deal with the heat very well. I hear from some people that if you use an aggressive pad, these calipers actually do fairly well on slow speed courses and autox, but I never got a chance to find out first hand.

2. New Edge stock setup


Caliper: Twin piston aluminum

Rotor: 10.9in Vented

Pads: Hawk HPS (Street), Hawk HP+ (Track)

Impressions: Had this setup on there for about a year. This was my first budget brake upgrade, as I paid 50 dollars for both calipers. Rotor change is not necessary for this, which makes it even better for person on a budget. Couple of things worth mentioning are that these calipers are lighter than stock ones around 7 lbs a side. Unsprung weight goes a LONG way when you are trying to make the car handle. Also because the calipers are aluminum, they deal a lot better with heat. I've had this setup at the track with HP+ pads in there, and for time being, it did not do all that bad. The car was still stock power wise at that time, so I felt like I've had plenty of brakes.

3. Cobra kit.


Caliper: Twin piston aluminum

Rotor: 13in Vented

Pads: Hawk HPS (Street), Hawk HP+ (Track), Porterfield R4 (Track)

Impressions: This kit offers a substantial upgrade when it comes to braking. First time I've had the kit on my car, I was very impressed. The bad size goes up quite a bit over stock, and because the rotor is larger, you get better camping force up top than you would closer to the middle of the rotor. The kit is very track worthy, but HP+ pads are not really cutting it for what I was doing, so I had switch over to a full race pad (Porterfield R4). With that pad, and cooling ducts, the kit was excellent at the track. It's worth mentioning that if you have a 94-95 Mustang GT, you will need a different master cylinder. I've driven several cars that had done the swap with out changing master cylinders, and the pedal was extremely hard and would not give you nearly the clamping force that it had on my car with proper setup.

4. Cobra R Brembo kit


Caliper: Four piston aluminum

Rotor: 13in Vented

Pads: Hawk HPS (Street), PFC-01 (Track)

Impressions: This kit is a monster on track. I came back from California Speedway track day wishing for better stopping power above triple digits, and this was my solution. On the street it offers about the same performance as the Cobra kit, perhaps slightly better, but it really comes alive at the track. One of the things that you'd spot right away is the rotor use. Unlike Cobra kit that only uses a part of stock rotor, Brembo kit goes down all the way to the hub. This gives you a bigger sweep area and offers better high speed performance over Cobra kit. Having 4 pistons over two is obviously a pretty good benefit as well. The best part about the whole kit is that the price makes it all worth it. I've bought a used one for 550 dollars, which is a total steal. Another thing this kit offers over Cobra is how well it cools. I've actually removed the brake ducts off my car, because I simply no longer need them.

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The car stops like a beast and i would suggest anyone who owns a mustang and still has the stock 1 piston junk to upgrade as soon as you have the funds. I never had a mustang that would stop like this one. It really is a night and day difference.

If cost is an issue the 99-04 GT/V6 front brakes are a great choice aswell considering there also way better then the stock single piston calipers and can be had at the junk yard for next to nothing!

I personally think its easier to service the front brakes on a Cobra then with a Gt aswell with just the pin that holds everything together they come apart simple and fast to do a set of pads and the hardware kits are cheap as dirt.

Ive had 7 or so mustangs and always wanted the 13" Cobra brakes but never spent the money. Now with an actual cobra im sad to say i just have the stock brakes :(, Painted the Calipers with RED VHT paint and the brackets gloss black and COBRa is bare aluminum.

Paired with a set of new brembo front pads. Rear brakes are stock 04 cobra brakes with a ceramic pad







Front brakes were missing hardware and i did not notice untill i was putting it back together, so i replaced the pins and hardware about a week after these pics were taken.

Rear calipers & brackets i just did in black. Taped them off and painted them right on the car. After spending so much time on the fronts to make them look good i half assed the rear since they needed less work anyway.


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Currently running the stock 94-98 calipers with basic rotors/pads.



I'm in the market for some pbr calipers however as I want to get a little more out of my setup.

I'll also be getting some d&s rotors on all 4 corners with some ceramic pads in the next few months.

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Running the best PBR brake combination I've ever had the pleasure of running.


Roush-PBR 2-Piston Calipers

Raybestos R-300 S-Groove Rotors

Porterfield R4-S Street Pads

Speedbleeder Brake Bleeders

Full stainless braided Lines

DOT-5 Brake Fluid

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dayum roush...i love those s-grooved rotors... not something u see everyday.. super sick dude! thumbs up

Thanks, they're a new design, from all the brake testing I've done they are leaps and bounds better than any standard slotted or blank rotors I've run. They dissipate heat very well and I haven't experienced any kind of brake fade at all.

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14" rotor, 4-piston brembo's in the front. Stock rear. More stopping power than I could ever need, even on the track. Running BF goodrich G-force R1's I really have to put my foot in it to lock them up.


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I bought them off a guy that had taken them off his GT500 and didn't want to spend the extra cash on slotted rotors. Not to mention, these are more brake than the car needs, so it would be pointless for me to upgrade any further. But thanks :thumbsup:

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Current front set up:


Wilwood 6 piston 13" kit. Currently running slotted 13" rotors (pictured with slotted/cross drilled 13" 2 piece rotors)

My old rear brake set up:


Wilwood 4 piston 12.1" kit with internal parking brake. Had to remove it because I went from solid axle to IRS.

Current rear set up:

Stock 03/04 cobra 11.65" set up with slotted rotors


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On the V6 I was very happy. Roush 13" front and rear (Baer slotted/drilled rotors), Hawk pads, SS lines.

You can kinda see them in this pic.


The '98 came with the Roush/Alcon 4 pistons 14" front / 13" rears new in the box. Mounted on the car right now is your typical PBR/Hawk/SS lines/slotted rotor upgrade.


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Crappy stock 96 GT brakes with Summit drilled/slotted rotors. They're definitely better than fox brakes but they still suck a whole lot. I don't go fast and need to stop on a dime, but at the same time for everyday driving they suck.

Upgrading to these:


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The 98 Cobra is all stock brakes. I'll be doing slotted/cross drilled rotors and some good Hawk pads when it's time to do the brakes, though. Don't really need much, the car is pretty much stock.

The Capri is sporting 99-04 spindles/calipers/rotors with ceramic pads, and 9" drums in the rear.



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Nothing special. Stock Cobra calipers front and rear. Power Slot drilled and slotted rotors for the bling. Brembo sport pads up front and stock style ceramics in the rear. No issues with stopping. Even when I was making stupid power.

Misspelling brought to you by Tapatalk

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as far as the stopping power on mine its really impressive. When I do have to get on them hard I have to remind myself not to over do it for fear of the car behind me shoving its nose up my ass. Id like to do a comparo between this brake set up with brembo's on my STI as far as stopping distance. Both cars prob weigh about the same.

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i have in the front aerospace quad piston. i have remanned stock brakes in the rear. all 4 corners utilize Hawks HPS pads with stainless brake lines.

the front with FOX spindles (non-abs). it is a 3 piece rotor, hub and spindle design. moroso 3" studs.





the rear has 3" studs and powerslot rotors.


i am going to remove the ABS module. my stock master cylinder wouldnt have enough bite if i didnt use the HPS pads and stainless lines. aerospace requires a larger bore master cylinder.

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I went with an Aeropace Street kit. It's an 11 and 3/4" front slotted and drilled rotor with a 4 piston aluminum caliper and Hawk Pads. I'm not going to lie and say I'm impressed. I think the Cobra brakes stop better, but this is about as big as you can go and still have a 15" wheel up front without running a massive spacer. These brakes are also extremely light. I'm running the matching manual master cylinder, and you really have to push on it. Pedal effort is quite a bit. I have stock GT disk brakes out back. Installation is a cocksucker, and it looks a little weak when you are all done. You still need a small spacer (which is provided) to clear a Weld wheel. It's also very rigid, and the caliper gap is very small, so if you have any wobble in your front bearings, it's going to rub. I need to get an adjustable brake bias to get more volume to the rear brakes. It does however work fine with the stock ABS.



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I have these in the closet for next spring

13" Wilwood 6 piston.

Did you get the rear calipers also? I know a guy on my local forum having fitment issues with the rears and 17" wheels. Just throwing that out there :highfive:

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Has anyone run EBC rotors and pads? I know they have a really good reputation in the Euro world, but haven't seen anyone run them on muscle cars. I plan to get the USR 7021/7024 rotors with Redstuff pads.

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