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The journey of making a pushrod sound like a modular

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If your familar with the other site you know how much i love how a 4.6 2v/4v sounds. I been trying to mimic that noise forever now.

Well, im semi close now.. well the closet i ever been :05.18-flustered: Added the advanced auto parts to the car and she sounds more like a modular now. Has small trumpet outside. Semi medium loud trumpet inside and sounds like a 3v 4.6L when going thru the gears on the inside.

Short Inside:

Drive By:

Short Flyby (Sounds like a normal 5.0 during a flyby =( ):


Time to continue saving up for engine mods. Still saving for the H/C/I which should put more closer to the sound i want because of the bigger exhaust ports in the heads.

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Made videos available in thread...
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I closed my eyes and listened lol and i would probably say it was a 4.6 car with out knowing what it really was.. Car sounds great.

LOL thanks. It sounds pretty dang close to a 2v/3v now when your just getting around like a granny.

WOT still sounds like a 5.0

Inside slow acceleration sounds nothing like a 5.0 as you can hear in the 1st video.

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Just swap in a 3v!!

:cold: 4v.. if i cant get a 4v then a 3v would be nice also.

Right now im just working with what i got in my hands.

BTW: Im going to give this mustang store a call tomorrow. Hopefully they have the headlights in stock i want :tennis:

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MAC axleback, thats all we run on our mustangs :)

LOL, see the outside shot of that 3v sounds like the inside shot of my 5.0

But the outside of my 5.0 doesn't sound like a 3v.

I think its the cheap metal used on the turn downs giving my car this different sound im not familar with on a 5.0 . Wonder how long it'll last before rusting away.

What's the exact setup lol..I'm thinkin it would sound beast with a set of twin turbos giving a slight whistle lol

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spintech mufflers/ o/r X and shorty headers

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What's the setup? I have to be honest this sounds very much like a 5.0 to me.

Same setups in both videos.. and one sounds like a 5.0 and the other one doesnt. I have never been able to get my 5.0 to reverb the exhaust thru the interior like now. Maybe its because of my X pipe, but the x pipe is still installed. If this is how a 5.0 sounds with a o/r H pipe then maybe i need to buy a H asap because the smooth sounding of the exhaust is okay 1st, but nothing like a muscle car. :

Comparing the video above to the one below. Doesn't sound like the same setup at all.

Now compare my video above to this 4v cobra below in the 1st couple secondsand hear the similarities. Pretty dang close if you ask me

I haven't heard a 5.0 sound anything like the 4.6 4v cobra in video above till now. Trumpet = awesome a3212205-145-drool.big.gif?d=1272478541

Only thing i did was add the cheap $7 piping from advanced auto to my open muffler ends. I can feel it. If i get more air going thru the engine i bet i can amplify it to sound like a 4v a lot more then maybe add an O/R H and it'll be done. A 5.0 that sounds like a 4.6 = journey complete.

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What are the "trumpets" you are talking about? You added some piping to get exhaust tone inside the vehicle, similar to what Ford is doing with some of their vehicles (only one I can think of off the top of my head is the Focus ST).

I'm running BBK Shorty's, Bassani catted x-pipe (hollowed out cats, for resonanting chambers), and Dynomax 18" race bullets through LX tips on my setup. I love the raspy sound, but I equate it more to an LSx sound.

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I just love the sound of a V8 in general, I don't care if its a pushrod or 2v, 3v, or 4v...or any other V8 for that matter. They all sound awesome IMO.

I honestly don't think I will ever get tired of the sound of a V8, it really is a lovely sound.

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