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Clutch freeplay kit

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246632 PB spring comp #47

115970 1/2-3/4 PFC male-female adapter

After the install of my Exedy stage 2 clutch and adjustment of my MM full clutch cable/FWA/quadrant, I started to get a chirp from my throw out and a bouncy clutch pedal that was starting to annoy the fuck out of me, so I started trolling my through the forums looking for a solution after remember seeing a guy on this forum with a spring around his clutch cable.

That's when I found this. https://dagostinoracing.com/ford-96-04-mustang-clutch-freeplay-correction-kit.html But I refuse to spend 20+ $ for some stuff I can gather myself. after a little research I found a thread where a guy made his own kit out of heap stuff from lowe's (go figure, I'm starting to see a trend in aftermarket stuff "jlt oil separator" anybody?) well I took a trip up to lowe's and picked up the spring and pvc adapter and now I'm waiting on my buddy to install it, hopefully I can get some videos of the clutch pedal bouncing before and after and some coolio photos of the install.

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