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Turbo mach 1 build

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Made a Huge leap of progress today.. 


I am sure tony's doing today has everybody more interested then just a lame motor pull.




 Started by draining oil, coolant, tranny fluid. pulled the intake, disconnected all the cops, all the sensors I could find. pulled P/S pump and A/C pump. Pulled out steering shaft (I was amazing at how it telescopes)



We were on a roll.....UNTIL..... The long tubes started to catch (we knew this would happen, but with enough andgle we thought we could squeeze them, as the buddy who helped me has pulled and replaced his motor with the longtubes on..





Now at this point it was 2:00 on the dot. My buddy had to be packed up and got y 3:00.. We both snorted a couple lines with my boy charlie...


we had the k member dropped and on the floor(well blocks) in 10 minutes..








Success! longtubes clear everything else!






Got the motor and tranny split (had to use a torch and a couple size smaller socket with a BFH to get a bolt out) 








It's kinda hard to see, but right on top of my intake manifold is every nut and bolt along with a label of where and how they go.. 





The only thing I regret(now) not doing is taking a photo of the wiring harness and color coding the plugs like i do with my GT. 


did you know that the C head 4v has a sensor on the back corner of the heads? and it's almost impossible to get those things undone without a small block of C4? 

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Not really worth it. 98 cams will be more then enough to get me to my power goal. If not, 3 psi will.

I'm at a stand still right now, didn't go home this weekend as I just got out of the field and I'm to tired to make the drive. Sucks, I was looking forward to selling off parts of the old motor and installing the rods/pistons.

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This weekends fun. 1-5 are in, but I nicked a bearing on the crank counter weight when installing #5 so I'm at a standstill until I get the replacement bearings. Decided to tear down the old powerplant. Engine hoist, 1k engine stand, pressure washer, impact extensions and sockets for 280 at harbor freight. I was mighty happy. I found some fucked up shit in my motor. Pan was clear of metal fragments as was the pick up and pump..however once I rotated the motor over metal frag came out of a passage somewhere.. Enough to make a quarter size circle, and about as thick as a quarter. It looked gold/bronze. Hopefully my heads are OK... I don't think I'm going to get to lucky on finding another set of DB 9 thread heads..












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Im sure you said before, but what kit did you go with and specifics? On3?

yes, on3 forward facing single. I will be upgrading a majority of the kit...

Engine's looking good man. I saw your pictures on FB.


If you wouldn't mind sending that wire tuck PDF to Rustang12@gmail.com I'd be mighty happy. Thanks!


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Thank you!

Heads got taken to a new machine shop today (I wasn't to thrilled with my other machine shops two month turn around and nicking a gasket surface in my block) and they took a good look at my heads, laughed at me and told me it was theightest scoring they had ever seen on a motor ( obviously sarcasm) but it made me feel good because I can't afford the $1500-2000 to replace those heads.

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Old k member pulled out from under the car (I literally just dropped it and left it) hotnthe old steering rack off, got the upr k up in there and loosely bolted down till I can figure out how to properly line it up. I had to bend two lines and move the drivers side engine ground to clear it. I need to remove the spindles from the old control arms, paint them and get them and my bilsteins on the tubular control arms so once the k is lined up I can bolt them in. I need a new sway bat mount, one of mine is bent pretty bad and isnt usable..

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good machine shops are a dying breed.  the one i went to was the same thing for 40 years, my dad grew up with the guys working there.  they had a fire in the front store and closed down the shop then.  i have no freakin clue what to do now if/when i need machine work done.  it's awesome that you found a good shop to deal with.

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Finished the rotating assembly. Turns out you have to cut part of the oil pick up tube off to make it fit over the windage tray.

Short block looks good, wish i would have had enough money to do mine when i did my pi swap.

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got some work done this weekend, traded my old stock shortblock for a UPR k member, a arms, and other little odds and ends. 


I was headed back to base but the miata cant handle in the snow so i left it and had my mom come get it, so once i got home my sister decided to tell me i got a package (FRIDAY!) my MMR oil pick up spacer.. 


So I had to modify the factory oil pick up scraper bracket (cut off wheel as fuck yo') got the windage tray on, spacer in.. :) heads are at machine shop and I should have them back in about two weeks. 

















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