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Ok, so as a reminder, although I may not know much mechanically, I may understand much what you explain. 


Ok, so here is the issue.


The first issue on the issue is that it doesn't happen every time..


Occasionally, when starting my car I notice a hesitant start and if I don't tap on the gas it will stall out.  It almost feels like when you turn on the key and kind of let it go before being able to fully start.  It just bogs down.  The worst part is that it I may be turning the car on and off all day and it may happen sometime in between.  


I did a battery test at work and it states "Bad & Replace" but the battery is not even 15 months old (Duralast) and I don't actually have voltage issue while driving. And on the battery test, it was more than 60% on life and charge.


Any thoughts on going about this?  I looked on the interwebz but haven't found anything similiar.

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No mods to the actual motor.  Hell, I am even running on my BAMA tune on stock with just the rear gear ratio adjustment.  Starter was my other thought but I want to make sure the battery is not solely the problem.

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