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about how many rwhp would I see with this combination?

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-80mm MAF

-75 or 70mm TB

-Gt40 Intake manifold

-24lb injectors

-E303 Cam

-1.72 Stud Rockers

-Mac long tube headers

-O/H pipe

-MSD cap and rotor and igntion coil and maybe putting the distributor

-and a good tune

( i know replacing the stock heads will help out a lot more, but in the middle of everything found out theres a baby in the way so had to save it for later on. I plan on doing a 331 stroker with forged bottom end and afr heads etc. this build is just so i can test more power than stock to get used to it)



extra info

-T5 manual transmission

-4.10 gears

-short shifter


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I thought you said your mechanic did a compression test and the compression was low? If so, throwing parts at it will be kind of a waste of time and won't give you that much power. If you're planning to build a 331, I'd do basic bolt ons and save your money. I would at least skip the cam, rockers and injectors. You're going to have to tune the car to get it to run and idle worth a shit if you do those things, so plan on another $450-500 for tuning. What I'm getting at is if the motor is in bad shape compression-wise, the old saying "you can't polish a turd" comes into play.

I'm guessing you don't mean you're getting stud mount rockers for your stock heads, because all E7 heads (what you have) are pedestal mount. They could be machined for stud mount rockers but that would be a huge waste of money and effort.

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Well I found a good engine at the junk yard so im good on that now, and as far as converting it into studs I didnt know

Someone had told me to just get the conversion kit to studs and they be good..?

It sucks not knowing how everything works

For the injectors I found a good deal 24lbs injectors and 80mm MAF for $100

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