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anyone have Mac Long Tube Headers?

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Looking into some Ceramic Mac long tube headers 1 5/8

Does anyone have them?

Power gains, and whats the clearance like when changing the starter or clutch?

And sound?

Just making sure its worth switching out my shorties for some LTs.

Cars daily driven mods are

1994 Mustang GT 5.0


E303 cam

1.7 scorpion rockers

Gt40 intake

24lb injectors

80mm MAF

70mm BBK Throttle Body

Cold Air Intake

Msd ignition coil

Accel spark plugs

4.10 gears (came w/ car I want to get 3.73)

I will get an o/r h pipe with flowmaster super 44s

Manual transmission

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I have some 1 3/4's on my car.


Power gains?  probably not enough to make it worth getting new headers/midpipe plus all the work but I don't know.  The starter may be doable but my suggestion is if you think your starter is dicey just replace it when you do the headers.  The clutch is no problem, the bell housing can be removed with the headers in place.  They sound good.

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i have them lol just came last week, but i had non ceramic ones before. won't  see to much gain over shortys many a little more torque and you'll loose ground clearance. but they will look good under the hood and help keeps temps down.

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Whats a good reason to get some?

And what mods do you have



They do make more power but with the mods you have chances are you're not going to notice much of a difference.  The main reason I got them is because I figured the Kenne Bell needed all the help it could get with making power.  I have a KB at 9psi, AFR 165 heads, Steeda cam, rest of the small bolt ons, etc.

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Don't have experience with them on a 5.0 but I have Mac longtubes on my full bolt on 2v and gained some low end torque as well as a deeper exhaust tone over stock manifolds. Lost some ground clearance. Pulling the trans sucks because T45s can't be unbolted from the bellhousing. I've had to wrestle the thing out twice, it sucks. Starter bolts are hard to get to also, had to get 2 long extensions joined with a swivel between them lol.


All that being said, I still like the longtubes, and I would recommend them if you can get a good deal on them. And if you're willing to give up some ground clearance. 

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