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Saw some American Choppers yesterday.

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Let me just start off with a fact: My iPhone camera sucks balls. I actually had to take most of the pictures again because they came out like garbage. 



I digress...  I've been trying to sell my Uncle's old set of 3-series BMW wheels for about 6 months now.  I "sat" on them for the summer in hopes that I'd get more money for them come fall, which turned out well for me.  The seller did not want to cruise all the way down here from almost Albany, NY and I didn't want to ship them so I agreed to meet him about halfway as long as he met me on price, which he agreed.  Long story short (too late) I met him Saturday morning in Newburgh, NY to make the transaction.  I picked this spot #1 because it was a big public town with many crowded shopping centers and #2 because Orange County Choppers was right there off i87.


I was a huge nerd fan of the show since it started.  I loved watching all the West Coast Choppers shows and all involved with making bikes, then Discovery came out with American Chopper and I was hooked on OCC.  You gain a new respect with seeing these bikes in person, the immense amount of skill and labor involved is just epic not to mention the attention to little details.  They integrated the "showroom" in with the retail store and then they have a bowling alley, yes a bowling alley, and then the OCC Cafe in the main building.  Also towards the back there's a shop viewing area where you can watch the crew in action, although being that it was Saturday there was no one in there.  Regardless, I walked around took some pics, bought some cheap novelty merch and sat down to enjoy a sammich and some brews. 









Saw the man himself, Paul Sr. but he was pre-occupied with the kids to even get near him.  So I crept from a distance!


























I think this one hits home for everyone








And because I'm also a huge space nerd, I loved this bike


















...and lastly.  My dad is a Vietnam Vet so when they did this build it really hit home for us.  I think they did an incredible job with this bike, so much detail and well made.

















Finished up the day there with a few New York native brews and a OCC branded chicken sammich (which was delicious!!)









Again sorry for the poor quality pics but since my other awesome smartphone is in for warranty repairs the iphone's all I had.





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That's one hell of a building! I love the bike with the hinged tank sides that hold firearms lol. I was also a huge fan of the show. Even in the later seasons when it was more drama than bike building, I still loved the show. It would be awesome to check out their headquarters sometime!


And now I want a chicken sammich.

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was the intel bike there?  I was working at the facility next door when they did that show and it was then that I realized that it was not as much reality in the show as I thought.  When they showed them "in the fab" gowned up and breaking wafers, they were in an old shut down fab and I know intel would not have let that fly with out 52 meetings about safety and how to do it....

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awesome steve! i'd love to check this place out. i was a paul jr. fan and i still am. his fb page is full of haters about his "theme" bikes but imo they are works of art!! 


i had a chance to see the lincoln bike at the columbus auto show and WOW! 

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Everyone knows there's nothing real about reality shows... lol. In the end, at least the setting of the show involved cutting and welding metal and hanging something that burns gasoline inside it, so that automatically makes it something I'm 10000% more interested in than all the other bullshit on TV. I think Paul Jr. is really talented, and I agree @tony his bikes are art. Even if they aren't something you could go carve a canyon on, they can be ridden and blow people's minds. No different than the old Barris art cars from the 60's and 70's, waaay over the top crazy ass cars but functionality wasn't the goal, it was to make something that most people couldn't even imagine, let alone actually create in reality.

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i would catch the show when it was on but wasn't that interested in the subject matter to religiously watch it.  don't care for bikes much and hate reality TV.  definitely some talent though to imagine and then build these bikes.  that eragon one is pretty sweet.

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