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Sounds good man I bet you can't wait to get the 60s in...are you using an fmu right now?

Thanks guys, yea I'm excited to get some 60s in there. No fmu. Might change the fuel system around at a later date with some aeromotive goodies..

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My last car:


'97 Cobra 

'04 Cobra shortblock, 8.5:1 w/ minor port work in the heads (still B-heads)

Hellion 62mm turbo kit w/ 42# injectors & 255lph in-tank pump @ 9~ psi

Put down a best of 505rwhp/456rwtq on the dyno running out of fuel at the top





Current car:


'94 Cobra

Stock Cobra motor

2.1L Kenne Bell @ 6lbs of boost

Stock headers w/ off-road H-pipe & flowmaster catback

Off-brand CAI w/ 75MM TB

Put down a best of 320rwhp/355rwtq @ 5250rpm





Feel free to add me on facebook through the above link if you wish. And if you couldn't already tell I love Rio Red!!!!

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My little V6 with bolt-ons on the dyno at Mustang Week about a year ago. I've since redone the exhaust and hope to get it tuned here soon. It made peak power at 167 hp/ 192 tq.


i think thats about what my 2v was pushing after 160k miles of getting the shit beat out of it haha

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