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Detailing Starter Kit

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Assortment of MF towels for different applications. Color coded if anal.

Quality soap

Two buckets with grit guards & follow the "Two Bucket Method" when washing


A quality wax (doesn't have to be the best but a good one)

Shop vac or other decent vacuum

Interior wipes or cleaning solution

Leather Cleaner if you need it

Wheel cleaner

Tire shine

Brushes for carpet, tires, etc


Something like that would be a good start.

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engine-wheel cleaner, degreaser, cone shaped scrub brush and engine dressing

wheels-mothers aluminum polish, eagle one detail spray for the spokes

interior-a couple different sized china bristles paint brushes for vents and various crevices, damp mf towel (no silicone sprays)

exterior-california duster, mf towel, shammy, eagle one detail spray, jax 100% nuba wax

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Personally I would Reccomend :

Car Wash : ONR , or traditional OPT Car Wash , Microfiber Wash mitt

Interior : OPT Power Clean ( diluted 3:1 ) , OPT Protectant Plus ( plastics , Leather if applicable )

Exterior : OPT Power Clean ( Full Strength on the Fenderwells , wheels and tires ) , Polish or Glaze of Choice

Wax : Bouncer's Sherbet Fizz , Deep Reflections , OPT Car Wax ( Spray Wax, Easiest to use )

Glass : Invisible Glass

Metal Polish : Extreme Metal ( Aluminum , Chrome , Exhaust tips , etc )

Brushes : 2-3 small brushes for the interior Cleaning , Brush for raised white letter tires or whitewalls , Brush for the wheels and the Engine compartment .

Microfibers : Microfiber applicators / Foam applicators , 6-12 for paint ( paste wax removal ) I use our Shaggy's or Mega plush's , 12+ Economy Micros or Super's for Interior , Glass , Wheels

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