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Finally gave in and got a DD

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So my 96 gt DD ended up bending a valve about 2 weeks ago after I over revved the crap out of racing a camaro (6500rpm ftl) I had only rebuilt the motor about 3 months ago to add insult to injury. At that point I decided I was fed up with the car and wanted a NEW reliable dd. I ended up making my way to galpin ford with the intention of buying a newer used 5.0 mustang and ended up with this: a 2015 ford Fiesta ST. I have been watching reviews on this car and been interested in them for a while. After driving the car I could not say no. So the car is a 2015 Fiesta ST1. It is definitely the best drivers car I have ever owned. I did opt out of the Recaro seats before everyone asks (they were uncomfortable for me). The planned mods for it are:Cobb stage 1, an injen cai, race downpipe, and lowering springs. Then call it complete as this car will serve as my DD/family car. So I can focus on my 98gt once my mandatory mods are done.

Here are a few pics I took of it the other day after its first wash.







I also plasti dipped the rims black after this shoot I will do another shoot with the black rims and my soon to be installed lowering springs soon.

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Nice pick up! If i didnt log 35k a year I was going to pick up an ST (focus though) That should be a kickass daily, and fun as shit! it must be like driving around a golfcart

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Nice buy! I've been considering the Focus version when it became clear that I might not be able to afford an F150.

Stop trying to buy new and you can afford an f150 [emoji1]
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Stop trying to buy new and you can afford an f150 [emoji1]


New is actually cheaper than CPO right now thanks to all the 2015 models that just came out.

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