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9838stang's Money Pit Pony

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Well I have been on sn95source for alittle over a year and I never made a build thread. Well here is my thread. It may not be much but here is a shot.

I got my car in June of 2006 for a late birthday present from my 2nd uncle. I worked really hard on his property and he and my aunt and 1st uncle decided that I deserved a car. I got my license at 17 and a short time later the mustang. It was a tossup between my 98 mustang, a 96 integra type r, a 92 25th anni rs camaro, and an 66 LTD with a 460 and a c4 trans. Well I chose the mustang.

Well I got the 98 as you all know. It is black with the v6 tan cloth interior. It started with the tan on tan door panels and rear panels as well. The car didn’t come with the mach 460, but it did come with a sweet sony aftermarket cassette player, that would freeze when it got below 40 degrees.

This is the best, only and 1st picture I have of the car. I found it on car soup.

37263551342_ca9c9aee5d.jpgmy 1st car by Allen Geiselhart, on Flickr

After a couple of weeks of owning the car

37293000731_f68108f697_z.jpg130747523_425051108_0 by Allen Geiselhart, on Flickr

37293000491_7112c51ea5_z.jpg227144832_759519760_0 by Allen Geiselhart, on Flickr

37293000591_ffda7e8520_z.jpg227144732_759519410_0 by Allen Geiselhart, on Flickr

Around xmas another uncle thought this was pretty cool and had this put on my car. It was sand blasted into the window. When it rain or when I was the car, the horse goes away.

37263551442_792dce0d2c_z.jpgl_e65ff83c0c63131dada4704d26538cb0 by Allen Geiselhart, on Flickr

After xmas I got my subwoofers and homemake box in the car



After owning the car for a month or so, we had the car's fluids changed. Coolant, oil, ATF, brakes bleed and diff fluid. As I left the place I gave specific instructions about the hood.

The car was in a front end collision. The place that repaired the car put a stamped steel hood on the car and just bent the hood latch to where it would "close" the hood. In order for the hood to actually close we had to drop it from shoulder height. I was 5'8" at that time. So yea that's about 3 feet drop. Well after picking up the hood I came back to see my car in the driveway. I notice right away my hood was cocked and was closed. Well there were still hand prints on the hood where they created 5 dents on the nose of the hood. So I complained about it and tried to get the to do the correct thing. But nothing happened.

(Later on you will see I got a new hood)

And this was about the time I noticed that I was missing the driver side rocker molding. So first mod/ addition was a new rocker molding


Next thing was to address the paint on the car. The previous owner was a poor driver. Backed into many things and cause a few holes on the rear bumper and many other issues with the car, one of which being in an accident. We repainted the lower doors, front bumper because of paint chipping, rear bumper and lower fenders Tthey all had runs in the paint, which means to me a body shop had this car before I did and did a crappy job at fixing the repairs.

Oh and all of the paint I had done was with a rattle can!

Only picture I have of the before/during body work:





I got some GTS headlight covers for the car






At the same time a buddy gave me his 17in gt wheels so I threw those on


I got a heck of a deal on some 95 gt take off dual exhaust. They were cut off at the tails and the flanges were cut off. So the whole exhaust was welded in.


And that Rattle bombed rear bumper has held up great through 1 or 2 MN winters!

After owning the car for a couple of years, and me being hard on the seats they were shot. So out they came and my new to me 95 gt cloth seats went into the car. I had to swap over the seatbelt loops

Also picked up a sequential tail light kit (not pictured)

Bought a bbk cai not pictured






Well over the winter I was at school and some very nice fellow students had backed into the rear bumper of my car. So I found a 94 gt rear bumper already in factory black paint for $20.00. Couldn’t pass that up.


Some scuffs





and some idiot stole my v6 pony badges and all I had at the time were the gt badges from another friends gt who turned that into a fobra. This was also about the time I got new headlights and corner lights

and new autozone fogs







Followed by some HIDs. i think i went with 6000k


Well after some hard driving, my brakes made it really apparent that I need to do a brake job. The inside pad decided that it didn’t want to be there anymore. Well I limped it home and went to work.

The caliper bolts were stuck on the car. So I went to get some extra leverage… and this happened






Well my next project was to redo my 17” gt wheels. I wanted to do something that no one else has done, or at least that I have seen done. So I Go some Dupli-Color gunmetal grey wheel paint and went to town. Main reason why I wanted to paint the wheels though, I was in a hurry to clean the car up and I used the eagle 1 wheel cleaner to clean up the wheels. Well it was on a hot day, the car was still hot and I left the cleaner on the wheels too long and it ate the paint.


So I filed and filled in curb rash and dents and nicks in the paint on the wheels










Took it out to see how the wheels looked.



Next came to the interior again. I hated the tan panels and the two tone black and tan dash. So I found the door panels for free from the same friend that changed his car to a cobra on the exterior. He went all black and I bought the panels. And I just had to paint the rears.




Well at this time, Winter was upon me, and the time for me to save up for car parts was here.

So after saving for a few months I ordered up Tokico Shocks, struts, J&M cc plates, Comp. Engineering Bump steer kit, and H&R SS springs.



These arrived around march and it couldn’t work on the car since I didn’t have a heater out in the garage. Well, bought an S281 replica spoiler



April came and I installed the suspension stuff




I went to through the summer wheels back on the car. I drove a 100 miles with the car and no issues. Well I got to my exit after hanging out with the GF all day long, and I noticed the rear end get loose. And then BAM! The rear end of the car hits the ground and the left rear wheel went flying by me and get lost on the freeway. Never to be seen again. The body dropped onto the wheel, and pushed the quarter in and bent the bumper mounts. I Think after taking the wheels on and off so much warped the 1” spacers to where the wheel wouldn’t sit flush anymore. Luckily I could pdr most of it. and touched up the rest of it.




Well since I lost the wheel on the freeway. I had to buy a whole set to get 1 matching wheel. I painted that wheel got a new tire to match the others and on it went



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Well I bought a nicer camera than I have been using ( Motorola Razor lol). The Nikon L105 made a big difference lol
I also bought new to me and working factory airbags. The ones that came in the car were blown or were from an escort….









I went crazy not modding anything for a couple of seasons, so I went to do the led mod.
After that I hopped onto craigslist again and found a front bumper for $20.00 factory paint and in better shape that the rear bumper!
Upgraded from my Rockford fosgate punch z woofers to some Pioneer woofers along with pioneers always around.

Then I found a oem mach 1 chin spoiler for $20.00 lol and threw the summer wheels back on





Even though I bought the bump steer kit the same time as the other stuff, I never installed it. About a year later I find out I bought the kit that doesn’t have the tapered bolt. So this means I had to buy I bit to drill out the spindle.





Then one of the nicest deal I have ever made. The 18x9 fr500 set. $400.00 with tires center caps and valve covers lol



This wheel has the dent in the lip



And on the car after I cleaned them up



I ended up picking up this hood With the 8.8 over the summer. I had the hood painted for $200 bucks base coat and clear coat. The 8.8 had only 15k on it. I
threw it in the car since 7.5 had a bad wheel bearing that came apart in the housing and wrecked the axle.
I didn’t get a picture of the housing but here is the hood painted and on the car



I thought now that I got the new hood installed, I should clean up the car and make it look better









Since I added the wheels, I thought the car looked alittle off with the black and gold combo. So I got some silver letters and silver pin stripe kit and put it on the car. Wow this thing pops now.




With the season nearing to and end again, I got the itch to do something else. And I bought my buddies 99-04 magnaflow catback exhaust set up.



I had to get two adapter pieces to attach the cat back but once it was installed man does this thing look good!!!




I remember taking this picture after installing some steeda x2 ball joint without the coil spacer.
Sitting pretty lol


Bought a 01-04 dash bezel hoping to do a double din swap soon


UGH I cant take winter anymore


Bought some bullet buttons


Bought some 98 front cobra brake kit


I repainted the calipers and rotors and had the rotors turned. Scored these for 210- 220… came off a car with only 12k.


Had these wheels refinished to get rid of the dented lip and the passenger side wheel to fix the curb rash


Picked these up for $120 FRPP 3.73 kit, Motive install kit



Bought some new corner lights aswell


Washed the car to help show off the corners mores


Then 2 weeks before car crafter in 2013 I got some new 35% window tint




After a while of driving the car about 6000 miles, I noticed every time I hit the brakes, A loud clunk happens… And I cant figure it out.
Well after pulling the wheel off and doing a little digging. A buddy didn’t tighten down the driver side caliper bracket bolts.


I tightened down the bolt and replaced the pads since they got wrecked. Works great

Later I found a help of a deal on a rear bumper I think this one cost me $40.00 I had to buff this one out a bit but man this looks great! Also this means I get to stop pretending my car is a gt and put it back to what it is. And also have everyone raging on me for having a fake gt….




And I got some pony emblems too!





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Here is where I decided to play around with plasti-dip I started to get a clear coat bubble on the passenger side fender and instead of painted the fender I tried the dip



With better pictures




I got my 93 ranger for a $1.00 and was able to put the mustang up so I can 1, work on it and 2, so I can avoid salt lol

My quest for retrofit starts. After doing some research, I ordered up some look alike Morimoto H1 mini projectors, H1 4300k bulbs and 4300 893 fog light bulbs



Picked up a 94-95 base black wheel


The old one


And picked these up too



Bought myself a nice black Friday gift!


I Started pulling the headlights apart and adding my projectors. I put the headlights into the oven at 250-275 for 20 minutes and got them apart.


This is how I routed the hi/low option of the projector


I played around with the LED options.


I got them back together and getting ready to put them into the car



In this picture, you can see the bezel for the projector doesn’t completely cover the projector and allows light to pass through. I had to make an additional piece to
help stop that.


I bought this to help take much better pictures lol





Well after seeing the light inplace


I came the conclusion that there was too much chrome up front. So I took them back out and apart. I started paint the lights in a way that mimicked Win
I shaved the bubbles down on the one end of the light. That always bugged me


I added a layer of engine paint




Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmmmmmm


Once I had the lights done, I focused toward those mirrors I bought back in Nov.


I am looking to make my own Export/03-04 cobra mirrors. I took my dremil bit and started to trace/ make a groove in the mirror after the pencil marks I made.

These came in the mail





Well it was warm enough to put the lights into the car.


Damn those look sexy!





While on the local forums here I picked these up for $50.00 never used Maximum Motorsports SS lines


The mirrors took shape


Not bad for rattle can!




I think they look great!



Car ran really rough had to take it to a shop to have them help diagnose it. I found out before hand that it might have been the harmonic balancer. But the shop said no way. They spend 5 hours doing electrical diagnostics, compression checks, and other stuff on it. And they found nothing. I took the car home and check the balancer myself. And look what I found


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Well since the car was down until the balancer got here. I figured I would pull the rear end out to have the FRPP 3.73 put in.


ZERO Miles on the gears too




I got the axle back and went to pull the control arms out. The driver side came out fine… minus the rusty bolt. But the passenger side bolt was bent. Which is when that side always looks off center. So I made a trip to Fastenal to get some bolts to replace all of the control arm bolts.
The J&M lower control arms work fantastic! Love it!

My GF is AMAZING! She had notice I have been looking at new seats for the mustang. Just wanted to spice things up a bit. Well she told me to be at work on this day because there was a big package being shipped to me at work



About 3 years ago, I left a can of pop in the car unopened. The can exploded and it went every where. So now the seats are out, I cleaned the carpet before installing the new seats. Also at the same time I redid the rear panels. After 5-6 years of abuse, they took a beating






And this showed up



I had a buddy cleans these up for me and wow!




After having the mach 460 rear tray cover in there and the 460 door speakers inplace I decided to finally hook everything up.

Found this at the local junk yard


Well crap, the harness was butchered.


So since this harness was all cut up, i bought a another harness from a "buddy"...

Picked the harness, rear amps and speaker and box, along with forward amps, and harness for $80.00.


Part of the mess under the dash


The head ache begins


Once I got everything back together:


Yay! Sounds awesome!

As the car sat, It had 6X8 Pioneer speakers/woofers front and rear, along with after market tweeters in place in the mach460 tweeter. I took the woofers, amp, sub box, and sub wire kit out. I took about 80lbs back out of the car lol. Also the sub box and the mach 460 tray were fighting over the same place

Decided to whore out your car on another forum ;)  always like seeing pictures of your car man.

Of course lol, Not everyone goes to both forums.


Thanks man! When are going to get that svo charger on? Cant wait to see that thing on there.... Well try to see it one there lol

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BUT……. UGH I only drove the car for 5 miles after getting the the whole car back together. And poof!

I blew an intake gasket



$500 bucks later, New gaskets, hoses, injector o-rings, coolant pipe o-rings, t-stat, having the intake surfaced and sonic cleaned the intake and cleaned the valve covers.


I started filling the holes on the double din bezel


In all of that crap with the intake gasket. I polished the tail pipes



I had a bit of a scare I thought I had bent wheels in the rear. Turns out my rear spacers were warped so I bought some 25mm spacers for the car


Bought some Nitto Nt55 extreme zr tires. 245/40/18 and 285/35/18 . I painted the lettering as well


I picked these up shortly after



As well as these


Makes an awesome cup holder!


The stock 94-98 rear rotor on top of the 13” baer rotor


I painted the hat of the rotors so they would look nicer for a long time, man those calipers look small.



Tires mounted and installed onto the car



I ordered up some Camber bolts aswell. wanted to bring the car a bit more back into factory spec than the J&M cc plates would allow.

Ordered up some reverse leds as well.



Next is to install my J&M upper control arms


Also a better more up to date idea how the double din bezel looks now. It is stilling on the shelf




Forgot to mention, about the time i got the new hood, I also ordered the SCT 4 bank chip and the BBK 56mm tb as well. The Screaming demon coil pack i had burnt out on me, and I replaced that with an Accel coil pack

I forgot that i did a small center console mod. Being that i almost always had a passenger, my iPod cord came out of my handbrake hole, and let the iPod rest in 1 of the cup holders. So i decided to ad another cup holder... but where... Seems like most 94-97 cars came with a pull out cup holder from the center console glove box.

After look on forums, and looking through junk yards, I went and purchased a new center console glove box assembly, and new lid. My oem center console glove box ad a broken latch as well. After installing the box, I noticed that it sat in there pretty good, except, the mechanical latch was in the way, so out that came. When taking out the box, you have to pull the lid off. Well i took the tan pad from the old console door off, and mounted it onto the new door. Reason being, the new to me box and latch, are held shut by a magnetic system. So i had to attach the magnetic block to the inside of the console.

After i had the box in place, along with the new lid, i ran into another problem. When i got everything together. i pulled the cup holder back out to test it.... the lid wont close. So i had to cut a couple of groves into the center console to get everything together.


Excuse the white adhesive. That were there holding my pioneer remote in place with Velcro.





My only grip with this mod, a tipical pop/soda can, is a bit tight. and you have to know how to pull it out. Other wise it works great.

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Of course lol, Not everyone goes to both forums.


Thanks man! When are going to get that svo charger on? Cant wait to see that thing on there.... Well try to see it one there lol

Its in process right now.


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Car looks great!  


@Jgib could we please refrain from quoting pictures lol??  I just spent way too much time scrolling through 3 sets of the same pictures.

I dunno what happened?! I wait 5 minutes between posts....

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Car looks great!  


@Jgib could we please refrain from quoting pictures lol??  I just spent way too much time scrolling through 3 sets of the same pictures.

My b, i ment to quote what he actually said not the whole thing il edit it.

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car looks awesome. the amount of double and tripple picture posts had me confused for a bit. i was almost mad "THIS guy has 3 sets of cobra interior!!!!!" then i felt like a dumby :)


Sorry was posting it while at work. It should all be fixed now. Thanks though man


Not you.  Jgib4 quoted your pictures.

No i tried my best to wait between posts so that it would be pushed all into one post


best start of a build thread. holy shit man. I always forget how much work you have invested into this car. So badass man, cleanest v6 ever!

Means a lot to me man, really thought, coming from you. Your car is way above mine lol. Thanks man!


My b, i ment to quote what he actually said not the whole thing il edit it.



Get it right!!! :P


Just playing

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Damn man you have put a lot of work into it!  And it has come a looong way!  I really like everything.  I've always enjoyed your pics you post of it around the forum so it is really cool to see the back story to it all.  I love those real FR500s too.  You don't see those very often at all. 

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You've done a great job man, the car looks great!


Funny thing is I did the same thing to use my original 95 cup holder when I got the 98 console for mine lol. I figured why not keep the cup holder?


It seems like the interiors of these cars were built up and made to look really good with a through back to the old interior. But the designers for got a few things the buyers would want in there car....


"Eh the cup holders.... its a sports car no ones wants that.... But those that have a mustang, those car the cool guys that smoke.. got to have an ash tray. Then we will have a hidden cup holder. " " And we will make a cup holder add on that gets in the way of the shifter


In 98 and older after customers complained about not having a cup holder and the just cut a hole into the console and called it good.... still to close to the shifter lol

Car looks great man, and i LOVE your interior.  Keep those mods comin!   Sometime this summer when im down there i need to check out your car!

Thanks man! Yea man any time let me know im almost always out around st. paul playing with other cars and friends on friday and saturdays. We even go to the Diamond bluffs and cruise to the naughty hog.


Damn man you have put a lot of work into it!  And it has come a looong way!  I really like everything.  I've always enjoyed your pics you post of it around the forum so it is really cool to see the back story to it all.  I love those real FR500s too.  You don't see those very often at all. 

After Seeing @Detriot 's comment, @95riosnake 's comment and your comment, it means alot coming you guys. After seeing things you guys have completed on your cars, makes me feel really good about my car..


Thanks for the kind works all of you.


I am going to wait until i take the car out to see how the rear brakes feel. If i need to, I will be adding a Baer proportioning valve onto the car just incase there happens to be to much braking in the rear.


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Took the car off the jack stands to let it run for a while, only to put it back on them. Had to snap a few shots before it went back up.

Love those big brakes and nitto tires lol



I put on some camber bolts... i think i need to take little bit of the positive camber back out.

What do you guys think?



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Looks good to me. I kinda like the RWL tires. Wish I could drop mine off the stands, pull it out, and let it run for a while, lol. And yeah just by looking at it I'd say it could use some more camber. Are you doing the alignment yourself? Or are you just trying to get it in the ballpark for an alignment shop?

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I just guessed and eyeballed it when it was up in the air. I put it on the ground to see how far off i was. the Driver side wasnt too bad, but i took a tiny bit out. and the passenger side was really noticeable so i double the amount i took out of the driver side. So tomorrow i will drop it onto the ground to see how it looks. I will read up on how to do an at home alignment. other wise, I bought a lifetime alignment at the shop just up the street if i can't do it at home.

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Good deal. If you have lifetime alignments at that shop and they do good work I'd say let them mess with it. Being able to do home alignments would be pretty handy though.

Yea the only down side of letting them do it, i have to through on my junk wheels so that they dont scratch and scuff up the fr500's. I guess i can swap wheels . But after seeing some backyard measuring It looks to be pretty simple.

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For the longest time (4 years or more) I have been looking at, and loving the way the cobra brake caliper bracket in the rear looks in the rear. I love how the two ends that hold the slide pins connect on the outside. I thought the v6/gt look wasn't finished and looked bad. Well i bought the 13" baer upgrade kit and it just started to make the caliper more visible and made it more of an eye sore to my eyes. So i went did some research online and found some answers but not everything i wanted to know.


The answers i found were about the calipers from v6 mustang, to GT mustang, to the Cobra on the rear are all the same. How ever the cobra brake pad, is different compared to the v6/gt. The cobra pads are thinner and the cobra rotors were larger compared v6/gt in the rear. This concerned me because i thought the cobra caliper bracket would be taller to accommodate the larger rotor. But there happens to be a larger mounting plate that bolts to the axle housing behind the axle. That is where the caliper bracket mounts to.


After finding that out, i decided to check out the caliper bracket out myself.




From what i found out from above i decide  to go look for myself in the parts store. I put the v6/gt bracket next to the cobra one and looked pretty hard at the two items. in the store. After looking them both over, the best i could do is eye ball the two because i do not own a caliper tool lol. But the things i did find out after eye balling the two brackets


The Distance between the slide pins are the same (given since the calipers are all the same).


The distance between the slide pin and the hole where the bolt goes through on the caliper bracket. This meant to me the brackets were in fact the same height and it was indeed the two could be interchangeable. 


Lastly the distance between both bolt holes were the same. Great news! This mean the brackets were even more simular.


As i bought the one bracket I found out the dust cover for the slide pins were smaller than the gt/v6 ones








I forgot to bring a bolt with me to see if the thread pitch was the same but i checked when i got home. The new bracket that helps adapted the 13" rotors used their own special longer bolts. But same thread pitch, So i had the stock bolts left over. And good news




So now i wait for the weather to get a little warmer aswell as wait for the other bracket to come in so i can add both of these at the same time.

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i was never a big 6 cylinder fan. however you both have two beautiful looking cars. Some times being a little different is a good thing :) there is an orange SN with an eaton on here that im in love with :P

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Well today was a gorgeous day, and i decided that i would put on my rear cobra caliper brackets on the car.

Moment of truth. I wasnt 100% on the fitment and spacing on the two bolt hole on the caliper bracket so i thought heck we will try it any ways.

Stock rear caliper, stock bracket, 13" baer rotors,

old vs new



Well it fits


I tried to reuse my factory rear sliders, and caliper bolts but one of the other bolts had other ideas:


I then reassembled everything and started on the other side:


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I have been looking into doing an LED swap to my projectors ever since i saw people were installing LED kits onto their factory style 9007 bulb size housings. Since i did the H1 system i have been looking into keeping my HID harness and adapting that to the led system since i would rather not cut up my factory harness nor would i like to cut up the HID harness in case this will not work. So far my plan, is ordering the extension harness going from the HID harness to the ballasts. I am going to use the female plug off the extension harness to plug into the HID harness. Reason being, the H1 led system will come with the same connectors like the aftermarket fog lights or lighting system and will us male ends to them. So i will be slicing and soldering the new plug onto the led harness and plugging that into the hid harness for power supply and ease of connection the H1 system to the 9007 system.


So the extension ill be using minus the male end



and pretty much what i will be getting rid off and leaving the hid harness intact


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I got my h1 led system finally. Came all they way from China, and had gotten lost in transit. Was found and then was put on hold a week. Finally got the system.

Opened it up and looked pretty good



Went home to make my own harness, but cutting the female plug from the 9005 harness I ordered. I got that connection made up and when to test fit the h1 led into the projector...



Well the led was too big for the projector. So I tried shaving down the head of the projector to see how it will look. Turns out after shaving the head of the led, the led still wouldn't go into the projector housing. The led bulbs wouldn't physically go into the projector house, They were just to big.

the HID bulb in the picture is an H3, but is short. the glass is the same diameter.

So I ripped the headlight apart and shaved the projector down a bit and finally got the led bulb, in place.

Moment of truth.

After getting the harness fed back and placed where I wanted it, I turned the led light on...

The HID bulb was 2 times brighter than the the led... I thought it might just be the hit spot in the middle of the projector. So I turn the fog lights on in comparison. The fog lights were even brighter.

So I pulled the car out Into the alley. I turn both head lights on and placed covers over them. I couldn't see 100 ft with the led system...

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Any pics of them installed?

No unfortunately i was so disgusted with the out come of the light out put, i pulled them out and complained to the seller how terrible they were. He replied back to me that he was sorry for the out come of the light and how much less light out put was there. He told me he would be sending out the newest version of the lights to me, with more lumen out put and I should receive them but the end of next week...

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No unfortunately i was so disgusted with the out come of the light out put, i pulled them out and complained to the seller how terrible they were. He replied back to me that he was sorry for the out come of the light and how much less light out put was there. He told me he would be sending out the newest version of the lights to me, with more lumen out put and I should receive them but the end of next week...

that's something.  at least they are trying to make it right.

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