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97 svt Snake

96 SVT Snake's Caspian Cobra

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Car is completely stock so I should create this before I regret it years later for not keeping tabs on everything I do to it.


This is how she looked at the dealership when I was looking online for one





Wish I would have taken a picture of us hauling her home but I didn't


Interior of the car





How she is sitting for the winter 





Under Hood




So as you can see all stock. Only thing that isn't is the previous owner had installed 3 inch exhaust from shorty headers all the way out back. Not sure of the mufflers can not find a name or number on them. Will have to feel around and see if I can feel any where I cant see.  He also had nice tips welded. Exhaust is all welded not clamped. Excellent job done.





I have Roush LCAs




H&R Super Sport Springs




I am debating between Bilsteins and Konis, and i will be ordering MM cc plates, a bumpsteer kit (not sure what company), sway bars (not sure what company) and If there is anything else people can suggest to add to my suspension build that be great.




I am really liking the new ROVOS DURBAN 18"





I really want it to pop and be different from the common mustang wheels.  If i do not pick up a set of Rovos, I might even go with some BBS RK plasmas Have to give props to a badass mustang running them @Det_Riot  Your mustang wanted me wanting them even more.



Tires I am not sure on. I would like to have Mickey Thompson rubber but haven't fully decided.




I am looking at picking up a SCT Livewire in a couple weeks and some time in march couple of us are taking our cars for baseline runs and then have them tuned and get these beasts ready for Sturgis this year.


4.10 GEARS IN THE REAR  will be done before I take it to get tuned.


I would like to get some LTs but doesnt have to be done immediately. I am considering a Kenne Bell in the future for this motor and then it will definitely need some internal work once I run the Kenne Bell for a while.


MGW short shifter is in its near future.


Other mods Ill do them as i get to them or think of them




@Carbon Driven  You will be hearing from me on getting this interior full of carbon down the road.


So i plan on putting in Carbon Driven's sweet parts he has been working his ass off making for our cars. That does include the wiper cowl.


I am planning on swapping in a Double Din as the original stereo is a little out of date with its sweet cassette player. I do not have a use for the rear seat so considering a rear seat delete similar to @tony but don't want to steal his whole idea with the amp and such.  Some nice aftermarket racing seats and harnesses will be a nice addition to the interior.  I have been contemplating installing a rollcage but that is so far down the road not really important.

Window tint all around. Ill just ignore Illinois tint law.

Then whatever misc. stuff I come up with to change it up in there.




Not to much going on here except wheels. I haven't decided if I want to add the black lettering to rear bumper or if I'm going to swap out the mustang for the cobra up front in the grill. Possibly a saleen wing.

I am going to be updating the lights with leds and then HID in the headlights which I may look to Yuke's for those.

Some export mirrors would be nice to be able to fold them in for tight spaces or for storage purposes. 


Well I think that sums everything up or at least what I can think of. This is going to be a fun project. That I cant wait to get cracking at. 

And a cool photo to end the first post


How I told my dad we are having a boy.





O and for @Steve-Oh



Hopefully this is how a thread should look.

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I think we all agree that Full Length Subframe Connectors has made the biggest difference on the ride quality of our specific vehicles.  That is either for racing and/or comfort.  My wife now enjoys driving the car more now because of it despite my other comfy suspension mods.

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Nice list you have going there.  It will make for a sweet car all around, though looks like that car is already pretty cherry.  I have seen a Laser Red SN Cobra with BBS RK Plasmas and it is an awesome setup for sure.  It might be difficult to find a complete good set of them though.  As far as the suspension goes, for the parts you don't yet have, I'd honestly stick with MM for everything as they've done all their own R&D for their products and have great customer service, and all their parts are designed to work together and they can offer some good shocks/struts as well, but I admit, I am a MM nutswinger.

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Looks like a good starting point and a solid platform. I love rio red, my first mustang was that color. I would definitely do MM FLSFC, best mod even over gears. The ride is so much better now. Not as much flex. I look forward to seeing the progress.

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Looks like a good starting point and a solid platform. I love rio red, my first mustang was that color. I would definitely do MM FLSFC, best mod even over gears. The ride is so much better now. Not as much flex. I look forward to seeing the progress.

Aha! He's back!

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ha, maybe. I was trying to remember my password for so long lol. I was about to text you last night and ask you who fiveohwblow was lmao. Your sig pic wasn't showing lol.

I need to change it lol. She's a bit .... Crispy you could say

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Just small update

Got her out for the year. Just a hair to early but things came up and i have to drive it for the moment everyday.





It could use a wash maybe tonight.

I'm going to tape off cobra letters on back bumper and plasti dip the letters to see if i want to put the letter inserts on.

Installed a new gold platinum battery 5 year warranty, doing a royal purple oil change this week, get some conditioner om the leather. Other than that nothing else this week. Have an 05 pathfinder that needs a new pumpkin out back all my money go to that unfortunately.

Last picture you can see my other girl. She's pretty dirty. 03 f150 heritage edition.

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