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Detroit trading post

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I though I would start this so we can build a bank of local car parts available. Post what you have in your garage that you are willing to sell/trade and post what parts you are looking for, or will be looking for in a bit when the funds are available. This is not supposed to be a classified really just a thread so we all no were parts can be had. If you have a a buddy who needs something or come across someone who has something you might remember one of our members who has one to sell or is in the market to buy.

stuff I can part with:

crane 2031 cam

weiand Xcelerator single plane carb intake

edelbrock 600cfm carb

a set of lightly used 275/60/15 bfg drag radials

holley blue pump

possibly a NOS 05115 dry kit not sure yet

stuff I am looking for or will need in the next few months:

gt40/explorer/cobra intake

tb and maf, nothing huge not sure on what size yet tho

tfs stage 1 cam or similar (e303) something along those lines

15x3.5 5lug prostars

some cheep plastic racing seats

pbr front brake calipers

I will edit this post to keep it current and add stuff I forgot and delete stuff I bought. Try to keep the chit chat and trade deals in PM's so the thread is clean and easy to find the information you are looking for.

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