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A few of my 300 Mustang Week pics.

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Yeah, I got best SVT which covers all the Cobras and Lightnings in the show. I would have hate to have been a judge, because there were a shit load of beautiful cars in that show.

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no doubt! i went to an all ford show here in cols and got best 94-04 mustang and i was shocked! lol, i made my son go get the award cause i thought i might get jumped, lmao! there were only about 15 sn's there but mostly classic mustangs. alot of galxies, falcons, old ford picups...etc. nothing like your show! i would love to go to a show with mostly newer stangs. just to get an idea what folks do to their cars in person, lol!

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The guy drove the Turbo car to the show and it looked beyond bad ass seeing it waiting at the red light to turn into the mall parking area. It has a Georgia dealer tag on it. lol.


And speaking of big back tires....this was also at the mall.


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