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Last minute Mustang Week Lodging AVAILABLE

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So, due to some unforseen circumstances, two of the people that were staying with us at Mustang Week had to back out at the last second. That means their spots in our house are now available to be filled. I figured this is a long shot for anyone who hasn't already taken time off of work but it may be a good option for someone who doesn't want to stay at a hotel and can still opt out of their reservation. The cost will be $300 for the week per person, which is pocket changed compared to what some hotels were charging, check in date is July 11th, check out is July 19th.

If this seems like something that you'd be interested in and you'd like some more information, please text me or pm me ASAP. 313-570-1233

Thanks guys!


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dan if you could come that would be awesome , and brian where is the house ?

Dan there's a whole convoy leaving from Greensburg!!

It's at like 49th and n ocean ave

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that is just why you should come down for the week to get away from it all the house will still be there when you get back that stuff takes for ever


Nothing is concrete yet. We have to get our house under agreement before we are guaranteed anything with the new house. It quite literally could not be here when I got back lol. And asking Andrea to handle all the cleaning and managing the dog for showings would be a move I would definitely regret, lol.

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now you are showing the dog ? what will you get into next ???


Hahaha, no... managing the dog as in getting it out of the house during showings. Last time we left her at home in her kennel when someone stopped by she ripped her nose up from getting too excited.

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SOLD!!!! lock her down, close the gate, clean her up

idk what clean her up means but i'll take it lol......you guys can still bs tho...don't have to shut her down 

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