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I did something you all might not like.

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Nice Fox! Besides the supercharger, what all else has been done to it? Also C4 or AOD in it now?

Gt40p heads, E cam, ported intake, shortie headers, pro chamber, flower masters, 4:10, full tubular suspension front and back. It has an AOD in it. I'm going to try building it for now. I know they aren't the best transmissions but I like the O/D so going to stick with that for now since it does get driven on the street.

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Car looks great, and sounds even better. The wheels really look great on it.

Thanks Dan! Yeah the car is ridiculously clean! I'm very happy with it!

Nice pick up on the fox. Not usually a big fan of the hatchbacks but that color combo is nice! :2thumb: Like Dan said, wheels look great on there.

Thank bud! The guy had billet specialties on it and I didn't like them so he kept his wheels and I kept mine. I also think the wheels look great on there. The front could be lowered a little more but not 100% sure I want to do that.

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