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New Side Exhaust

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So, I had new one chamber Flowmaster side exhaust installed last week on Mysty. Muffler man did a good job on making it all work. I made two flyby videos. Yes...I know the phone wasn't turned right. Yes....I know that one of the videos, the video is glitchy. Yes...I know on the second video, someone tried to call, and the video is vibrating, but you can still hear the car! :) Yes...I know my new hood hasn't been painted. Lol Cellphone sound doesn't do this video justice.








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I like it.  It's almost a little strange to hear a car with Flowmaster's on it these days.  Seems like no one uses them anymore...


Not a lot of folks used the one chambers anyway, well not in my area. Definitely a nice sound coming out the side. Only thing that bugs me, is I can't hear that sweet Eaton whine from inside the car anymore.

I know the flow's got played out badly with the fox generation but I still like that sound and honestly it sounds different with the side exhaust.

This message courtesy of crapatalk!

Thanks! Once my hood gets painted, I'm going to shoot a better video in wide-screen HD format.

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