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Garage bench 2.0

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Ok so I was sitting In garage at girlfriends house where I'm building my motorcycle and kept getting annoyed on how ghetto we looked with plastic chairs in there. All the parts that I have used so far are all things I had on hand. So let me know what you all think of it. If

I unfortunately don't have alot of beginning pictures I might have some on my camera.





I got theses brackets from a furniture store next door to my work. I grabbed a bunch of them. Best part of the bracket it allows me to adjust the back to what ever lean. post-31-145084171711_thumb.jpg



And if you haven't noticed yet the bench was built to use mustang rear seats.post-31-145084201681_thumb.jpg

Thanks again @Det_Riot for the rear seats.

I plan on making some armrest still and a few other add ons but I love it.

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Finally a use for a mustang back seat! lol

I dig it, nice work :2thumb:

Haha yea I needed something to sit on in garage. thanks for commenting on it was a fun little project. I'm thinking using headers for armrests and then maybe doing a recliner foot rest out of the bottoms of front seats.

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very cool!! I still have a set of front seats that I want to do something like this with, but possibly putting them into the man cave area..

Thanks yeah it worked out great... I'm making a computer chair out of one of the fronts

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love it!  i have a cart type thing that the previous owners of the house left behind that i want to mount up 3 fronts seats to and make it into a rolling couch.

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when I took my front seats out I could not give them away.  I finally made the most I could from them by tearing out the lumbar support system and installing it in the new drivers seat and then stripping the power seat track and selling it, then throwing the rest out.  Seeing this I realize how easy it would have been to mount a bottom on and do this or even on a wheeled platform to work on.  I was upset to have to throw the last part out but now thinking of this is even worse....

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