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I need 1/0ga wire. But how do I know what's good?

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The battery terminals and distribution block I bought have 1/0 inputs and I'm looking to buy wire now. I always thought I should look up welding wire because a lot of the large gauge automotive specific wires I find are specified for sound systems. I also know it can get really expensive. So when I typed it into google I found a big range of prices and some that are quite confusing.




Then the same company is selling it cheaper on Amazon. :D




Crutchfield said they could get me this kit with whatever lengths I needed but that would probably triple the price.




I'd like to buy that cable from Amazon but how is it so cheap?!?

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there have been countless cheep companies that started making wire with thicker insulation and less wire with the price of copper going up.  Then other qualities of wire with copper clad aluminum(aluminum coated copper wire) and its made the wire industry somewhat hard to distinguish what is good or bad really till its in your hands.  Welding wire is good again as long as it isn't a cheap knockoff that is made to look good.  I have used knukoncepts for wire in the past and they always have good stuff at a price only slightly higher then I normally would like to pay but you can git it by the foot/piece meal to fit what you need.




They have a few different types of power cables listed in the mobile audio area and they are all in the good/better/best relm really.  Unless you are doing a crazy high compression starter or a super high powered stereo(Guilty) any of those would do....

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I can vouch for the quality of the KnuKoncepts wire as well, I've used a good bit of their wire, both power and signal and have no complaints. Like Scott said, the difference is the amount of wire vs. insulation. The quality wires have a very thick conductor wire, the cheap ones try to appear to be thick wire by having super thick insulation.

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The XS Power cable I used is very nice and is a true 1/0.  It wouldn't even fit in the original 0-gauge ring terminals I bought, I had to go and pick up some larger ones.  It has a nice thick jacket on it, is easy to form around curves, and reasonably priced.



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