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Welcome To SN95Source.com: Cobra_neill

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Everyone please welcome Cobra_neill to SN95Source.com.

Cobra_neill Please tell us about yourself and your car(s) and feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for being part of the Source community!

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What's happening homies!

Names Neill, I own a 98 Cobra. Current mods are 4.10 gears, JLT intake, eibach springs, tokico illumina shocks, steeda tri ax, steeda clutch quadrant, 03 cobra wheels, flow master 40 cat back. I'm soon to be installing a powertrax lock right also!

I'm also in england. Love to see some cars!

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Welcome! It has to be pretty rare having a cobra in England, no? Curious if you imported it or if it was originally sold in England, if it was originally sold there it would be interesting to see what export parts it has.

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Its an american model, the majority are Japanese spec with export parts but mine is rarer out here!

Its pretty cool owning a cobra out here. Gets a few looks while out and about does this thing!

Let me get some New updated pics, I have a few with a buddy of mines 03 cobra taken a month or two back, I have recently machine polished so looks all shiny and nice :D

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