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Tire Suggestion Thread for V6 Driving Goodness

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Sooner than later I'll be buying new tires for the V6 and it wouldn't hurt to get some suggestions as I peruse a world of opportunities. In the past I've mainly bought cheaper all-season (and maybe some summer) tires since my V6 was my daily driver and I was always on a student budget. Nowadays I'm not sure what to buy but I'm all about doing things right as I move forward with my plans to freshen up and maintain the V6 this year. The car will remain my daily driver but will hopefully see one to two autocross-like experiences this year along with a ton of spirited driving through these lovely rural North Carolina roads. What are you guys running? What do you suggest? Post up pictures at your convenience and maybe we'll get a nice tire thread going on, if we didn't already have one...


I currently run 245/45/17s all-around on my 17x9s, rotatable and budget-friendly but it doesn't necessarily have to stay that way. I have 1" spacers in the rear and my tires have rubbed some on the sidewall but I may roll the fenders in the future so I don't have to get rid of the spacers.

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im running some goodyear eagle GT's  255/45/17 i think on my 17x8" wheels and ive really enjoyed them on both my gt's.  theyre a cheaper tire but have plenty of grip in dry and have handled really well in the rain.  light snow they got a little loose because of the blocky tread pattern, but I have really liked them.  they seem to have a decently stiff sidewall so cornering has been fun wtih them too. 






this was it compared to a 295/35/18


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