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2001 SVT Cobra build

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:baller:Let the fun begin!  need to find a fender and rear bumper for body work,  going thru transmission replacing synchros and updating 1-2 fork and assembly. New clutch and flywheel was surfaced.  looking at tires just not sure what size yet, thinking 265/35/18.





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3 hours ago, Lanter said:

Nice!  Are you leaving the Saleen bumper or going back to the 01 cobra?

I really like the look of the Saleen bumper but I think in the long run I plan on the cobra bumper   also I am still on the fence on what rear bumper to use.  99-02cobra, I like the clean look of the 03-05 cobra or just a smooth one.

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I agree the saleen bumper is sharp but to me there is no better looking bumper for a new edge then the 99, 01 cobra bumper.  Really can't go wrong with either.  

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On 06/03/2016 at 9:16 PM, Spockbacca said:

Great looking car, can't wait to see where it goes. How hard was the hinge kit? I need to do this myself. My driver door is pathetic. :facepal:

Pulled the fender off and it was easy to get to the hinge to take off.  just have to drill it out so the new bushings fit.  my take a little time to align the door and fender back up but it's worth it. 

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Finally was able to let the snake out for some fresh air.  Need to replace tie rod ends, may as well save for a bump steer kit.   It's much more fun when you can shift to 2nd and step on it.  ?


Got the new 275/35/18 tires mounted and they fit the front just fine,  I plan on jumping up a little bigger in the rear.

tmp_21707-2016-08-05 17.38.091501700345.jpg

tmp_21707-2016-08-05 20.22.551772461164.jpg

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