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MXProbeStang Build

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So I joined the forums when my project began over a year ago and tried to keep it under wraps until it was done. Well the car still isn't done but I've finally taken delivery of it, so here it goes.




Background on the car is as follows:


The 1997 Probe GTS was built by a member on probetalk.com in Sacramento, CA. He converted the car to RWD and utilized a JDM version of the 2.5L V6 (KLZE) that came in the Probe from the factory. He drove it for a bit while trying to sell it. He basically grafted an NA Miata's front and rear suspension, brakes, drivetrain and steering systems into the Probe body. From there he fabbed up the necessary parts to flip the engine the correct way, matted up with a Miata 6spd trans. If you have some time and are interested, here is the build thread up until our sale. http://forums.probetalk.com/showthread.php?t=1701310615 I won't post all the conversion pictures here since I don't have the time to do that.



In I stepped and offered to buy it, but under the conditions he swap a 5.0 into it. I grew up a Probe nut but also enjoyed my Cobra, so I figured this is the best of both worlds. And who doesn't want a 1 of 1 car in existence? After some back and forth, we came to a time and money agreement, and the work began. I don't have the skills or knowledge to do the fab work, so this worked out well for me. Needless to say, a year later, the car still is not complete. Building something that has never been done before is unpredictable, so there is no ill will. I've now taken possession and will attempt to finish it.  Hopefully with the forums help and some good friends of mine I can get this thing going. I have pretty much all the wiring to work on and some other odds and ends. The bulk of it is done, and the fab work is hopefully minimal at this point.



So here is the donor Mustang, a 95 GT, locally sourced in Sacramento. I never saw this car so my knowledge on it is limited.








From what we can tell, the car has BBK shorties, intake and tb. Looks to be a typhoon IM. Has Edelbrock heads. Not sure what type of rockers. Builder said had .30 over forged pistons in it also. Has a set of UDP's on it.









I'll update some more when I find some more time. Enjoy in the mean time!


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Next up was prepping the Probe's engine bay.




Cut the rad support to allow easy access in and out. Test fitting the engine was a success.






Trans lined up nicely also.


We were going to use a modded factory Miata subframe initially, but once the cutting began we realized there wasn't enough meat on it left and it wouldn't have been structurally safe. So I ordered a subframe from V8Roadsters for piece of mind. In the meantime, Dan freshened the motor up, installed the new Exedy clutch and flywheel, and got it ready to bolt up once the subframe arrived.














The subframe arrived in a timely fashion and modification began on that. A real quality piece for anyone considering using V8Roadsters ever.







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Test fitting came next:








Came to find out the oil pan isn't going to clear, so we decided to use a late 60s style front sump pan. Unfortunately, I've lost a dipstick now. After slight modding the pan clears.




Wanted to reinforce that front subframe so added some front support bars to it.




Added the motor mounts








Finally, no more hoist!




Starting to fab up cooling system. Stock Probe rad.













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On 4/26/2016 at 3:36 AM, Prokiller said:

that is an awesome project.  i'd love to check it out one of these days.  


Thanks! We'll def have to meet up one of these days. We aren't very far apart.


On 4/27/2016 at 7:10 AM, RedTwilight said:

Awesome project!


Now if this is what Ford did with the Probe so many years ago; the Mustang may be a lot different as we know it!


Thanks! I'm anxious to get it going.

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14 minutes ago, Blackmage said:

this is fucking cool, thank you for posting this on the forums here!




Next up, exhaust. Decided to use the Mustang x-pipe and just mod it. Rear section then is obviously all custom.












Now is when we hit our first snag. I'm using a BBK shorty header, and the driver side sits way too close to the steering shaft on the rack.






There was no way around this unfortunately, so the header had to be modified. It is not ideal, but it was decided to come forward with it, and then run a connecting pipe between the xpipe and header. This is not a permanent piece.
















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Driveshaft came next, just back from the shop.








Decided to swap steering columns from the stock Probe to a Mustang. This was to help simplify changing the wiring over. All wiring will be Mustang, so now all the column switches will be plug and play. The key is also now a Mustang.








Painted the subframe and prepared for final install.






Suspension and brakes back on.





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On 5/2/2016 at 0:18 PM, 95riosnake said:

I love this! Really great work, the one off custom stuff is badass.



On 5/2/2016 at 2:26 PM, Josh@RideTech said:

Killer work!!  This is sweet.




On 5/3/2016 at 9:28 PM, ttocs said:

this is cool.  I always loved the probes later years and thought they could have been a fun car.


I'm anxious to see how the car handles the drive train. Hopefully I can get it going sooner rather than later.


2 hours ago, Tabres said:

Really, really cool.  Can't wait to see more on this project!


Thanks! And here's some more:


As I said earlier, the brakes and suspension are from an NA Miata, so unfortunately that means 4 lug.




Had to do some work for a hydraulic clutch, so the clutch fork had to be drilled to accept the rod from the slave cylinder.






Started to button things back up at this point in prep for shipping:








Wiring is all 95 Mustang. I'll have to splice fuel pump, wipers, lights, windows, mirrors and locks, but otherwise should be pretty much plug and play, minus extending wires where needed. That is where I am at now. Hopefully I can figure it all out and get this thing fired up soon!

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On 5/5/2016 at 10:32 AM, Orange 94 said:

This is awesome! Well done!




52 minutes ago, RideTech_Ryan said:

Awesome work!  Definitely a unique build.  Thank you for sharing it on here.  Cant wait to read more.


Thanks! I'm working on my next update. I'm changing the IM setup to hopefully simplify some things, and I'm working on the electronics in the doors. I'll try and get some pics up soon.

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So no pics today, but I do have an update:


I've been working on the door harnesses while i wait for a few engine related items to arrive. Like I said before, I am changing as much wiring to Mustang wiring to make things as plug and play as possible to eliminate electrical problems. In doing so, most of my door electronics have to be spliced in. I've decided to use the factory Mustang door switches and splice the motors instead of splicing the switches. I will have to get creative with mounting the switches come time. I'm just more concerned with function at the moment. After studying wiring diagrams for both vehicles, I am ready to splice the motors in, and theoretically everything should work as they are designed. The Mustang switches look identical to Probe switches, so I'm hoping a little fiberglass work to the stock Probe switch plates will keep everything looking fairly stock. So I removed the Probe harness and hung the Mustang harness in place. I had to eliminate the rubber boot in the door jam, so I may use some techflex or something similar to protect it.


Once my parts arrive I am going to finish the engine up and work on that wiring, and then hopefully in the next few weeks I can hook the battery up and see what happens.



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15 minutes ago, RideTech_Ryan said:

So....................how about that probe:D


The pics are lacking, but I have been making some progress. I'm upgrading the intake and fuel system while I'm at it, so I'm just waiting on the remaining pieces to come in. I also need to hit up the junkyard and source a factory cooling fan/shroud so I can finish the cooling system up. The family and I are heading to Disney World for a week, but I promise once I get back I'll give a better update. I have some extra hands lined up to help out so hopefully this will get going this summer yet.

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1 hour ago, Blackmage said:

cannot wait to see this thing done.  still intrigued big time by this!


I should be putting in some garage time tonight so I'll snap some pics and update this tomorrow!

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So I know this is overdue, but I got some time in the garage finally last night, and even had a few buddies stop by to help drink my beer.


So I decided to change my intake and fuel setup to simplify things, as well as set me up if I decide to go FI one day. Luckily, sn95source came to the rescue!












Bryan hooked me up on The Whale Cannon's setup. I have to fab a few fuel lines yet to tie into my stock lines to the tank and change the tps. Other than sticking out of the hood like 6", it fit very well. I have to get the cooling fan, fab an intake, measure for a belt, hook battery up, add fluids, finish some wiring inside, and then hopefully turn it over and see what happens. It's getting close!


Hopefully get some more time this week or next week and will update again.

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Thanks guys. I have a few items on order but I've been dragging my feet when it comes to the junkyard. It's coming along, just very slowly.


I rolled it outside on the 4th and gave her a good bath. The car was terribly dirty, so it adds to the motivation now that it has some shine back.







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So I have made some progress on this in case anyone is following. Finally hit the yard and picked up a rad fan assembly and a few other odds and ends. I finished the battery cable finally and routed it as cleanly as possible. The throttle body assembly had a fox tps on it, so I had to splice a fox connector on the harness side. Turns out that the plug is a weather pack connector, so I went ahead and spliced a male connector on. I worked on routing some of the harness which is a task in of itself. I moved inside and removed the dash so I can finish the harness up underneath. While the dash is out, I figured I would hook the throttle cable up to the pedal, so that's done now as well.


This week I plan on splicing the door electronics, finish hanging dash harness and remount dash. I'd like to get the fuel lines built and finished but that might be a little too ambitious.


I'll get some pics this weekend.





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4 hours ago, 95riosnake said:

I would say you can just measure how long the bolts need to be, confirm the thread size and order a couple. I usually buy all my hardware from boltdepot.com


I'll give that site a look, thanks! I tried the local Lowes and Fastenal, and neither had it.


I actually got some more time on it last night and finished up the passenger side door. Window, lock, and mirror are all spliced in now. I also cleaned up the old positive battery terminal wiring and connected it all to the fuse box.


Again, I'll get some pics uploaded this weekend!

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19 hours ago, RideTech_Ryan said:

Weekend updates?:D


This weekend was a productive one.


Started by pulling the dash so I can finish the harness underneath. I basically need to just secure it to the firewall and make sure all the required connectors are in the right spots.




While I was in the wiring mindset, I thought I'd finally splice the passenger door connections together. I had to splice the window motor, door lock and mirror controls. I'm going to use the Mustang door switch instead of the Probe. It is similar in design and will simplify the process. All I had to do then was splice in the motors. Hopefully once I get the battery connected it all plays nicely ;) I did my best to hang it in the door as close to factory looking as possible.




My next task was to finish the fuel lines. It was basically successful. I still need one more AN adapter, but other than that it is finished. I needed a 6AN to 8AN female to female adapter to connect the AFPR. A 45 would have been ideal but I couldn't find one available, so I'll have to bend the line a bit to make it sit straight. Went very smoothly. I'll need to fab a bracket to secure the AFPR as well.






So with that done, I moved onto the power steering bracket. Even though I'm not running power steering, I still need the bracket for the idler pulley and to mount my coil. I swapped the smooth pulley out for a ribbed and bolted it on along with the coil. The ribbed pulley is very close to my water pump pulley, but there is enough room for the belt to run, so I should be fine. I also needed to mount the smog pump delete bracket/pulley, so I did that. I ordered it from LMR, and let me say, it did not fit. I had to grind a decent amount away for it to fit. It kept hitting the lower part of the alternator bracket. Frustrating, but it's on. BTW, the delete pulley from LMR is very low quality. I would not really recommend it. Hopefully it doesn't give me problems. I should have expected it since it was the cheapest one available. You definitely get what you pay for.


I found some string in the garage and measured for the belt. Ended up going with a 5060715. Fit is very good.








I moved onto the radiator and fan assembly. I picked up a stock Probe GT fan assembly from the junkyard and spent sometime cleaning it up. Got it mounted to the radiator and threw it in for a test fit. Everything fits nicely, so I pulled it back out. I need to splice the rad fan wiring yet, but otherwise it's ready to be installed.




So that's basically where I'm at. I have some odds and ends yet, but it is getting very close. My list is very small now.





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On 9/21/2016 at 11:03 AM, Prokiller said:

are you sure you need to run the idler and smog pulleys?  as for the coil, you can mount that on the fender like the fox bodies do.  


You know, I was originally planning on using just the smog delete pulley, but when I layed it all out, I didn't like the way it ran. I didn't like how close the belt would have been to the tensioner from the crank to the alt. So then I thought about running just the steering idler, but again I didn't think the tensioner would have worked as well as it should. So I ultimately decided to go the route I did. I may end up changing it one day, but I figure this will suffice for now.


I finally broke down the wiring for the fuel pump and cooling fan, so I will finish those up this weekend. There's a few odds and ends, bolts and things here and there, that need to be sourced and tightened up, as well as fluids added and clutch bled. I'm going to charge the battery this weekend as well, and then hopefully I will turn that key next weekend... :fingerscrossed:

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So I got some more work done this weekend. Cooling fan is all wired up, radiator installed for good and all hoses clamped tight. I don't like my upper hose, but it will suffice for now. I plugged up my heater hose line on the water pump while I was in there also. I plugged the EGR port on the pass header and snugged the header up for good. My reducer for my fuel line came, but I still need to snug that all up.


I moved inside to work on the dash harness, and it is a pain. I have the whole passenger side finished up and secured. Now the problem I ran into which I overlooked was the electronics on the clutch and brake pedals. Keep in mind, I still have the stock Probe brake/clutch pedal assembly. I figured the switches would have been pretty similar, but as it turns out, the two setups are quite different. So this will trip me up a bit and delay things. I'm working through wiring diagrams now, and hopefully can come up with a fairly easy solution.

*I have since looked into it and I'm fairly confident I've sorted this out... So hopefully this will not cause me any issues.



I also made some more room in the garage... Sent the Nova off to get some interior work done, so it opened up a bay. I forgot all about my thread on that, so when it comes back I will update that thread as well.


I'll try to keep this as up to date as I can. I'm not too far off from turning the key :)

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52 minutes ago, RideTech_Ryan said:

getting ever closer.  Seems like its just down to the little things now.  great work so far!



I planned on turning the key this weekend, but I had a few thing come up so I think it'll have to wait until next weekend. I ended up going with a MSPNP2 from diyautotune so I have some control over the engine. I wanted to eliminate the MAF also, so this will allow that. It will really let me simplify things and fine tune it best.


I'll try to get everything snugged up Sunday night into the early part of next week, and hopefully sometime between Thursday and Sunday I'll turn that key.

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