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this forum seems to be pretty dead doesn't look like much activity here in the past 2 years, in any case, it doesn't look like there much info on custom tuning the sn94-95 ecus so figured i'd chip in and give my .02


here's an invaluable write up on how to get started from hardware to software to creating the base tune to fire up and dialing it in




you can also download the free custom tuning software and def files to custom tune from there as well

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That's a great informative site! Thanks for the post. I'm always glad to see more tech posted about the 94-95 ECU's. I hate seeing people abandon them and do an A9L swap or similar... even though the fox computers are simpler and easier to tune, the 94-95 computer is far superior in its capabilities... just takes a bit more finesse to get it to do what you want.

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riosnake, i agree, i dont know why anyone would ever consider downgrading to an earlier ecu it just doesnt make since logically, back in the day SCT users did for simplicity since they couldnt figure out how the ecu works


In fact, i have a write up on how to upgrade for the older fox to sn ecu, i do it in a unique way where its much easier and less intrusive



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