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Electrical help!!!

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Okay guys I've searched for this so don't give me crap. It seems the issues I'm having are unique.


1996 Cobra Convertible


So I don't have inside illumination on dash instrumentation or hvac controls, no power to dome lights Either on door open/close or when the switch it flipped, radio WORKS (before I disconnected it)


The warning lights and functions on the instrument cluster work just no illumination when I pull the headlight switch. The fog lights work but the indicator light on the button doesn't come on when they are on (Don't know if this is related or not.)


Checked continuity on all the fuses under the dash with meter they are good. I don't know if they are the correct size or if that even matters.


Someone please help this is irritating!!!

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maybe a silly question but is the headlight knob turned all the way up right?  like you don't have the dash lights turned all they way down?  could be the headlight switch failing.  those do have a tendency to get hot and melt a bit.


but the dome light is weird.  that shouldn't be on that same circuit.  do the map lights work?

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Hey Ryan thanks for the input. Yeah It was. I actually bought a new headlight switch hoping that was it but I ended up pulling the dash and couldn't find a break and after I reinstalled it from giving up the hunt. Everything magically started working. I have no idea what I did or what happened. Maybe something was unplugged or had a loose connection. Weird.

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