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Black Pearl Evolution Redux

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22 hours ago, Yeahloh95 said:

if you only had some nice front control arms to put on ???

i know...i still have them sitting in my cabinet.  i just don't think its worth putting them on a stock k-member.  and buying a pushrod k and installing it just doesn't sound like fun.  i should get front coil overs regardless though huh.  i don't know.  depends on if the bug hits me or you find me a good deal...

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torque arm pictures



also notice something fishy here with the driveshaft...








the shop must have went to town on the e-brake when they were moving it and pulled the bracket down so it was rubbing on the driveshaft.  its a huge pain to get to now of course with the TA installed.  it's hammered back up in place but the next time i do anything more serious under there, i'm going to have to figure something out to fix the fact that the rivets broke and its bent down.  will have to drill them out and drill through the bracket and the tunnel and mount bolt it between two plates.  


also discovered was the driver's side rear caliper is seized up.  so have to order a new one.  going to try that taurus caliper swap.  they are actually cheaper than mustang ones. 


i also ordered a griot's garage buffer and pads.  haven't played with it yet, but excited to try it out.

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nope, and i'm glad i didn't.  the little bit of driving around with the seized caliper makes that rotor hot as hell.  definitely need to fix that before strapping to a dyno.  new rear calipers should be here tomorrow.  

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i don't know....if we go, it will be only bringing one car.  i have the new rear calipers but need to paint them before putting them on.  and a new driver's window motor to install.  house has been taking most of the focus lately.

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so Taurus CALIPERs work, but the brackets don't when you have cobra setup.  the vented rotors are too wide for the bracket and they don't clear.  so back to rockauto and ordered just cobra caliper brackets.  hopefully that will fix the issue and we'll be back in business.  i should have taken a picture, but wasn't thinking about it at the time.  i also didn't take the old caliper off yet so there isn't much to see as of yet.  was only test fitting before i paint them.


i switched to replacing the driver's window motor which also didn't want to cooperate.  it doesn't want to go down.  i have it out of the door still and just testing it before mounting it back in and it will only go up, not down.  it went down a little bit at first but then not at all.  i replaced the switch, didn't fix it.  i checked all the wiring and it all looks good.  swapped out the one-touch down module from @shifty car and still no down.  pass side still works fine, just this driver's side will not go down.

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this is the shit i deal with all the time on this car from the previous owner.  like who the hell does this crap?!?!!  no wonder i have freakin electrical gremlins!



bu tit does look good from the outside



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