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Welcome To SN95Source.com: ChrisBrown942012

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Everyone please welcome ChrisBrown942012 to SN95Source.com.

ChrisBrown942012 Please tell us about yourself and your car(s) and feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for being part of the Source community!

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Hey guys!


My I'm Chris. I have a 97 GT convertible. I'm a college student at Penn State trying to build a locally competitive SCCA CAM-C car out of my car. My car was originally owned by a makeup sales lady in South Carolina, where somewhere along the line she was in an accident with it. My mom then bought it and drove it on occasion. She decided she didn't want it anymore when I was 18 and happened to be looking for a second car. I purchased it off her then at that point. It was a 4R70W car at that point, and I wanted a standard trans car, so I swapped it over to a T-45 in my garage. Looking back I should have just gone T-56 originally, because now the build list has exploded as I'm sure many of yours have done the same. I have plans on a coyote swap, tubular K-Member, and watts link, a Maximum Motorsports torque arm, coilovers, and their road race LCA's. The car has a little done to it already. Full length subframe connectors, Kenny brown shock tower brace, 3.55's, Eibach Pro-Kit springs, Koni Oranges, Eibach sway bars, SVE tubular upper and lower control arms, Steeda X2 ball joints, Steeda bumpsteer kit, SVE caster camber plates, custom alignment done by a local guy I race with and know's these cars pretty well. Not much done to the engine, just a BBK CAI, and a cereal box tune. BBK catted X-pipe and Flowmaster super 44's for the exhaust. It's a fun little car right now, but has a long way to go. Came here to learn as much about these cars as possible. Oh, and I got a sponsorship through Corbeau racing seats, and now have a set of their FX1 fixed back seats, and 5 point 3 inch harnesses. 


I'm sure I'm forgetting some other minor things, can't wait to get more involved in the SN95 community after owning the car for almost 4 years now. 


And if you are interested, I have two other vehicles. I have a 1995 Lincoln Town Car Spinnaker Edition, as well a 1999 SVT contour that I daily drive. #0047/2760



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9 hours ago, 95riosnake said:

Welcome! That will be a badass car when you're done with it for sure.


I don't see many CSVT's anymore, it's been a while since I saw one in the wild.

Here's hoping it is! 


And yeah, CSVT's aren't super easy to find. Luckily mine has been pretty reliable after fixing the typical rocker rust issue that all of the, have. 

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