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Pcm bad?

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I am having some issues with my 95 cobra I'm building.  A little background is that I put a motor I had in a fox into a 95 cobr roller.  I purchased the 95 harness and computer(t4mo).  My issue is that my fan runs constantly with the key on, no power at fuel pump, not cranking, etc.    I have read this could be related to the ccrm or the pcm.  Seeing as the ccrm is new and I can hear relays i am leaning towards the pcm(used).  With the fan running I jump pin 55 and 60 and the fan turns off.  What does this suggest?  Any other suggestions to help narrow my problems?



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Just because the CCRM is new doesn't mean that it's functioning. The fact the motor you have was in a fox shouldn't make a difference. I would start with the CCRM. Look at the pinout and see where the signal wire for the fuel pump and ignition are. If you aren't getting any input in then work backwards from there.

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