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PATS question

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Can I buy an ignition cylinder from AM or LMR that's not pats and cut a transponder key to that cylinder to work with my current pats? The new cylinder come with standard keys but I have PATS. If I take the standard key and cut it to a transponder key it should work right?


So to clarify and some background…


My ignition key falls out when I'm driving. I can pull that sucker right out. I need a new lock cylinder.


Question is...

Can I duplicate my transponder key BUT have it cut for a new cylinder? Maybe even have a locksmith have the new cylinder keyed to the original key but I just want to make sure I don't need a special PATS cylinder for the ignition.


its my thinking that the receiver of the key is in the column and not the actual cylinder since these cylinders are simple to take out when pulling the plastic on the column. 


Ive looked and I haven't found anything pertaining to replacing the cylinder and reprogramming the key in this fashion



let me know if this doesn't make sense. 

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I don't think you need a whole new cylinder assembly to repair that but ask your local locksmith to be sure.  Even if you do you can have your locksmith rekey the new cylinder to use your old key where you would not need to program pats and then one key would still match the entire car.  

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 Yeah maybe I wasn't too clear that was my question was if I could just re-key and new cylinder or if they made specific cylinders for scars that have the Pats system. What I'm asking is are there two different cylinders one for Pats one for non-Pats or is it just one cylinder with a Pats system built-in to the car? Because if it's just one cylinder that's what I want to do is just get that rekeyed for my original key.

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The cylinder is a separate item from the transceiver for the PATS.  The transceiver simply sits over the cylinder and relays the signal to the computer.  You can replace the transceiver without having to reprogram anything (I've done it in my car).  In theory, you could have a whole new cylinder and key and as long as you held the plastic of the old programmed key up to the column when you cranked the car, it would start.  The actual chip is in the plastic portion of the key and is separate from the metal teeth.


So to answer your question, yes, you should be able to have a whole new cylinder keyed to your existing key and it should have no effect on the PATS system.

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