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9838stangs money pit pony dabbles in spray

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Ok everyone, i know there are other places where people have started discussions on where to get the best kits, and this is better here and there.

I am having some questions as to what items i will need to get my kit up and going.

I am looking at this kit.


I love the reviews on it, it looks like a lot cleaner install vs the nozzle setup. I know it comes with the harness fuel lines solenoids and basic switches. 

I am looking to use this kit, with a 100 shot and add a bottle warmer, purge kit, and some sort of window switch. Basically, my goals for the window switch, i dont want it to activate unless it has greater than x% throttle position, as well as not past xxxx rpms. But i would like the option as well if possible to have it shut off at xxxxrpms. Ideally, id like to use this kit from 3500-4000 rpms up through 6000-6100 rpms. before that window and after that window if possible id like the nitrous kit to turn off, in case i bounce the rpms off the redline.
On top of the kits on nitrous outlet they as what kind of fuel and nitrous pressure guages would i like. I am new to that. im also assuming i am going to need an a/f ratio guage.

I will be upgrading my clutch, and then adding some 17x9 silver fr500 wheels out back with a 17" drag radial of some sort.

Any ideas on where i can improve my needs or where i am going wrong here?

My plans are shooting for mid 12's hopefully low 12's since i was able to hit a 13.8 @ 99.95

I already have a upr k member about to go on, and i have BBK longtubes, and catted BBK midpipe ready to go on as well

I am looking at adding an exedy 400 stage 2 clutch, the wheels and tires, and then get my exhaust too. and using the plate kit with a 100 wet shot.

thanks all

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