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Got myself a 95 GT

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Hey guys, 

I'm Edward and today i just bought myself a 95 GT. I only have one pic, she's pretty much stick one owner car. She's rust free and just needs some help in being a little more bad ass.

it was too slippery to drive so I towed it with my truck. I'll get more pics soon and post them up


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I'd like to give it a bit of a facelift in terms of color, probably going to wrap it, subframe connectors, suspension upgrades, good tires(I like the stock mags), exhaust and just drive it. When things break, upgrade them. An engine upgrade are also in the plans, but in time.

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Forgot to mention that the previous owner just changed the shocks(stock), distributor and coil with MSD and a BBK cold air intake. Gas tank was changed due to a leak and has 4:10 gears. The exhaust is a straight pipe from the headers to tips. The guy did an o/r h-pipe and no mufflers. It sounds way too raspy and want a nice exhaust sound. 

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