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Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

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The year was 2008, I was daily driving my 98 Buick Park Avenue and my buddy's were getting big into the car scene up here. Knowing that I couldn't respectfully roll up in my Buick to a Cars and Coffee, the search was on for a big boy toy. Browsing forums, looking at picture online of all types of cars, TT 300zx, Supras, Camaros, Trans Am's, it seemed as though everything I was look into wasn't a mustang. I went and looked at two different 98-02 trans ams, first one was a turbo'd v6, second was a clean stock ls1. Unfortunately for me at the time, they were both out of my price range.

A few months passed and no luck, until one my my uncle mentioned something about having a mustang he was getting rid of. The details were pretty scare on it, all he really knew is that it was 94, and it used to be a drag car. Went to go look at it and it wasn't anything special, I didn't love it, but the price was right and my parents were on board with it.

So after looking at it, we got a new battery and it started right up, drove it home (well my dad did, I had never driven a stick car before)

This was the car after it was pulled out of my cousin's garage


After the drive home, here she was in all of her glory!





Soon after Bringing it home, I knew I had a little bit of time to fix things before I got to drive the car. First on the list was fix the radio wiring, the motor in the seat, and just give the car a good once over. Luckily for me, my dad has been a mechanic for 30 years so he helped a lot in the beginning months of my car!




lol long hair don't care


Proper Tail Lights =D



After a few days of learning how to drive the car, I had mastered it enough to take it up to the park and show it off some. 4x4, starfish wheels, ricer mirrors/headlights, and a massive hood. All the fittings of someone taking a bone stock mustang and trying to make it look fast.




With this car being planned to be a summer daily, my parents were very concerned about the car getting stolen when I drive to school. Welp with my dad being a mechanic, he knows plenty of people who work at car shops so we got a hidden kill switch installed in the car :suspect: But while we were there, I also got the car tinted. 20% in the rear, 30% in the front! The first real mod done was the LED Gauges! (more to come on gauges)





The first year was very low on mods. Driving the car, getting used to it, blah blah blah, basically my job bussing at the local pizza joint wasn't putting all that much extra cash in my pocket! The first year I think the only major mod that happened was the set of corbeaus that I picked up. Brand new TRS, reclining, passenger and drivers seat for 275 =D



Class is starting so I'll update as I get the chance =D

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The remainder of 2009 was quite uneventful aside from one small incident (Duffy's favorite) DERPPPP


Got that fixed and then just drove it through the end of the year until winter. Winter was a slow time as my car lived outside under it's cover =[ Only thing that I bought was new wheels! 17x10.5 and 17x9 AFS Cobra R's. Drove like that for a while and summer led to a better job so real modding started. First round of suspension, Cobra Front bumper, real side mirrors, and new headlights!






front end!



Only go fast mods for the summer was a Trickflow Street Heat intake. No real pictures, and didn't really make a difference in power. I ordered some parts though that were installed in the winter months. Trickflow 170cc heads, .650 lift springs, 1.6 ffrp roller rockers, anderson ford n412 camshaft, new timing chain set, gasket, etc etc. Put them all in myself over the winter.


About February I feel I made the most important purchase to the look of my car ;]




While I was waiting on getting my wheels redone, I got my car tuned....an abysmal 266hp for my full head cam intake car =[




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Took a few weeks but finally got my wheels back! Black Chrome Hybrid




I'll let the pictures do the talking!







Love the wheels and loved the wingless but I still wasn't low enough for my likings! *insert coilovers here* I picked up the front MM coilover sleeve kit with 350lb springs. Cut my rear pro kit spings 1 1/2 coils but still arent happy with my ride height







Last winter rolled it and I wanted to take the next step with my car. I had the dual gauge pod but I wasn't very happy with the fit and finish of it. I decided that I was going to "cast" my autometer gauges into my stock cluster. Also finally wanted to get color matched mirrors so I had to sand off the texture of mine.










Aside from my custom work, I picked up some new parts!



Also dug into my motor in order to chase down my missing power! Ended up having to redegree the cam and when I put it in, it was 4* off





Cleaned up my injectors while I had them up (metal was surface rusting, hit them with a wire wheel and a couple coats of clear)


Finished up my gauge cluster in the down time!



While waiting for some hardware, I test fitted my intake mani!




Ordered myself a new hood, god i cant wait for paint!






As much as i loved my hood, fact of the matter was that it wouldn't clear my intake. When BOSS designed it, they designed it around the intake manifold for the 95 cobra, aka no spacer :mad:






Here's the most recent pics I have of her. She's awaiting a tune and paint before she gets daily duties again! Oh and a custom exhaust ;]








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So what you're saying Brett is that when he sold that hood he sold Javi's home? I see :)

Bryan... I hate you because I wanted a teal GT :)

javi is messican not Asian :look:

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Thanks guys! I'm putting my long tubes and x pipe on today and hopefully dropping it off at the shop tomorrow and getting it tuned! I'll have some install pics later. Leave these here for now

4" aluminum pipe for cold air intake and 90mm Lmaf


Borla stingers :D


Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2

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Update for the day!

Out with the old


In with the new :D


Unfortunately didn't get any pics of them installed, slipped my mind. For ease of install, I lifted my motor and pulled off the passenger side valve cover and it dropped right in! The driver side involved some "massaging " of the firewall. All in all, they went in pretty smoothly,six hours for the first time isn't too shabby. Midpipe fit perfectly.....holy crap does my car sound different. I'll tty to get a video tomorrow. No mufflers yet because my welding man is out of town.

New thermostat housing sealed up great and no leaks as of first start up *knock on wood* tomorrow will consist of custom fitting my new intake pipe for the 90mm maf :):cool:

Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2

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Moar pics from today! BBK Long Tube Headers to BBK o/r X pipe. no mufflers for the time being, hopefully fixing that this week! haha




Prefit and cut my new 4" cold air to match my 90mm maf! So nice and new =D


Cut to fit. About 12" straight section to the Maf, then a 90* bend into the filter seen below!



Final length :excitement:


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You can save us a lot of work tomorrow if you strap a set on and run open headers man... Just sayin haha. car looks good man I have not seen it in a hot minute. What coilover setup did you go with? and are they noisy?

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You can save us a lot of work tomorrow if you strap a set on and run open headers man... Just sayin haha. car looks good man I have not seen it in a hot minute. What coilover setup did you go with? and are they noisy?

Hahah ;) thanks dude! You get to see it in all its glory tomorrow! They're maximum motor sports with 03/04 bilsteins. Not noisy at all. Only thing I hear when I hit bumps is the shit in my trunk hahha

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I went with UPR around strange 10ways and they are always remind me they are on there when i hit a bump. mine are 150lb springs, i think we went in a little different direction with our suspensions haha

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I went with UPR around strange 10ways and they are always remind me they are on there when i hit a bump. mine are 150lb springs, i think we went in a little different direction with our suspensions haha

Haha a little bit. Mine are like 300-400lb springs. 10" hypercoils but Idk exactly the spring rate. What I do know is that the front feels solid as a rock haha

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Not too bad. Most massaging i had to do was on the firewall on the drivers side but once it settled down it loooked like i never had to do that so who knows lol i took my passenger side valve cover off for some extra clearance but other than that it was pretty straight forward

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Mine were not to bad once I figured out what I needed for clearance. For the passenger side had to unbolt the motor mount, loosen the drivers side mount and remove the tranny mount bolts. Jacked up the engine so it twisted towards the drivers side and it slide right up in. The drivers side was easy did not even have to jack anything up it just went right up in from the bottom. No parts were taken off.

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oooo yah i mean in total time wise, i'm in them about 7 hours which idont htink is horrible for the first time

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^ yupp i did that too! craig what kind of beer do you prefer? can it be in presence of the shop or is that for afterwards?

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Nope not yet, waiting to hear back from the tuner Monday to see when he can get me in.

Parts list continues to grow as i drive the car more. Any got good suggestions for what brands to go with?

Motor Mounts

Locking Header Bolts

Brake Pads / Rotors

^ hopefully can get some PBR dual piston calipers off a buddy for cheap!

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