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Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

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14 minutes ago, Det_Riot said:

hahah it'll come! Surprisingly close. It's definitely not just pop it in there and she's all happy

Take some good pictures, please. I’ve been really thinking about a s197 dash swap but this is looking too cool. Don’t know that I’ll ever get to the point of making it happen, but it sure is awesome. 

by the way, I just found your video on the dash install. Googling s197 dash in a sn95, your video was the first thing that popped up. 

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On 1/20/2021 at 2:28 PM, Det_Riot said:

And one pic for now since I love ya'll!

coyote swap.jpg

I can't believe that looks so stock. That's amazing. Love seeing how the dash ends and the doors work together. I watched the videos on 1320chick and they're awesome. You guys rock.


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Watched vids and removed my questions.
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Alright, Alright, Alright (cue Matthew McConaughey) This is the start of the update y'all have deserved! Since last year's update, things have been pretty hectic but steady progress has been happening so lets get ya'll up to speed!


First things first! Now that the S550 donor was finished being stripped, it was time to start tearing down the whale cannon! It pained me to pull the black interior out of the whale cannon but it served me well! It, along with the carbon driven pulls will soon be seen in @CompOrangeSN95's 5.4L swapped SN! 


49270125502_6aa2817339_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


49270125837_4e586d2f90_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


49270126347_a2dba1b7e0_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr 


49269925916_86b59db2fd_h.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


49269925601_ec23816c88_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


49269925726_60103fc791_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


All engine bay stripped down and mostly pulled apart

49269925086_1939fa95ee_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


49270125842_44300f7914_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Next it was time to start working on making the coyote and the interior work in the SN! With the Gen 3 Oil Pan being composite, integrated into the pan, and specific to the gen 3 oil pump, I thought it was a pretty good idea to make the engine work from pan to valve covers. With the Team Z Motorsports K-Member, the composite pan had a little bit of clearance issues with sitting fully onto the K-Member perches. So I had my buddy fabricate me up some 1/2" taller Motor Mounts! 


49317309908_2c57326ed1_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Things were all good once the mounts were made up! 

49317308868_a52de5a43b_h.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


49317310128_191515a722_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863817327_165ebcc67b_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863817442_4ae4172af0_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863817167_c643682656_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Back to the SN, she started looking more naked than ever.

50863712086_54b0789334_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863712121_43e89a333b_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


With a little bit of trimming, the S550 Dash and console made their first appearance in the car!

50863712146_cb76d43e8a_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863712141_cbdbcb93fc_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Here you can see that the shifter location would have to be set further back from the OEM Location...more on this later


50863712336_02c3f3b362_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Engine bay ready for it's new K-Member!

50863817357_3942fa73c1_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


 50863000363_960868a7e3_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr



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With the K-member in the car, it was time for the first meeting of the Whale Cannon and the Gen 3 Coyote!

50863000318_a984c5a6a6_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863817367_89f7c5246a_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


In like a glove! It's much wider than the pushrod was, can't wait for that fun to begin!

50863000343_15d6339773_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863817167_c643682656_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863712001_4b61b99edf_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Now that the engine was in the bay, it was time to start inching away on the dash. The process that I felt would be most appropriate would be to seperate the dash pad from the frame and all of it's components so it would be easiest to get it into postion. From there, attach it to the frame and work backwards and down. It first started with cutting up the pinch welds on the main window support bar and seeing how it fit...

50863712001_4b61b99edf_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Pinch welds turned into the full support bar

50863712176_c42601111d_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


And finally we're getting somewhere!

50863817407_8f8ab1d0be_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863712031_d974c02b82_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863712151_345e6333a8_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


At this point, life got infront of Jo and I and the project got put on the backburner. We bought a new house and getting her car into the 8's became the priority. After a tough season and a lot of set backs, it happened at the last event of the year! 8.93 @ 161 (Probably a fluke MPH) But it didnt matter! It ws done and the only way to go on from here was forward!


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So no real work got done at the new house until we got Jo's car out of the garage, which inconveniently didn't happen until we went down to Florida for Cleetus' Christmas Tree race. So as soon as it was out of the garage, I set that bad boy sideways and work began!


50862999863_2c28caa7ee_z.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863712036_71edb646ac_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


First thing was to check the squreness of the k-member. No pictures of the process but I was surpised that it was only out by 1/16" crossed and I called that good enough!

50863843596_e1f0587fc6_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


After that it was back to the interior for some more dash trimming. Took out some more of the windshield bar.

50863712181_802238d9fc_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Now that I was pretty happy with the fit of the dash pad, it was time to start working on the frame!

50863129923_1c70a9b432_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Remove Pad from Frame

50863843671_81f0bf45fa_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Initially I thought I could remove the end brackets, cut down the frame bars, and attach the dash in the same manner (through the A-Pillar)

50863947667_76a446b732_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863129943_af2f74b735_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


With the end plates out of the way, I could get a better feel for what room there is to work for the heater core and what not

50863947622_f16ddf3dbf_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863947562_b5fc3f057b_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Plenty of room!


Dash and Console looking right at home!

50863129953_1b98ba5cdd_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr 


At this point it was time to start working the brackets for the dash frame. Some simple 90* gusseted brackets seem like it's going to be the easiest way. Biggest thing for me was to learn how to weld

50863843571_c66172fe01_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


First rendition of the driver bracket turned out pretty decent for the dash side.

50863843531_71a7e22368_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863947272_b125efdf46_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Passenger bracket mocked up

50863843591_380fa9a8ca_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


next step was to work on the car side of the bracket.

50863947507_0497c69f21_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50863947647_5a131447a2_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr

This step was exponentially harder than I ever would have imagined. I ended up making 3 different version of this bracket before I was totally content with it. Used Riv-nuts for the attachment to the dash frame and welded to the A-pillar of the car. That welding whooped my ass. Screwed the first bracket up when my welder settings were off and it globbed everywhere and looked like dookie. Second bracket I thought was right and I thought welded on fully but again, wrong amperage settings and it didn't penetrate to the car. So I made a 3rd bracket out of thicker material....fucked that one up and bent it wrong and I made it for a 4th time again and it was finally a success! Had a buddy come over and help weld up the drivers bracket, then tackled the passenger side by myself.


50872892262_60fbbfce8b_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50872892262_60fbbfce8b_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr





50872790086_ceb1b6db71_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


DS looking mint!

50872086418_ddaf2567e5_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Remember that thicker bracket that I mentioned previously? Well I figured that the thicker material would be good for a single bolt attachment! Repurposed it into this:


50872086368_c497602246_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


After dialing in the welder earlier in the day, I figured this side would be a breeze, especially with the thicker material. Well I trolled myself and forgot to turn the gas on. So ugly weld, but it'll definitely hold!

50872086408_222590d73e_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50872790096_44ab54ea15_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50872790106_bc29045cd4_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


Adjusted the single bolt attachment point so give some side to side play within the bracket and this is what we got!

50872790066_5fb48d6b72_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


50872086418_ddaf2567e5_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


AND in 900 simple steps, and 150 dash installs and removals, this dash is mounted and only supplemental supports to be finished! This includes the two lower attachment points which conveniently align with the OEM dash stud on the drivers side, as well as the captured nut on the passenger side. From there I need to build a new "subfloor" which will provide support for the bottom of the dash as well as the console.

50872892267_314c60f6e5_b.jpgUntitled by TealNV, on Flickr


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the best advice I can give on welding is when you are going to do it take a piece of scrap from the same metal and use it to get the settings and moving/motion speed correct and then move over to your work piece.  

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@Det_Rioti need dash updates!! Or car updates in general. I’m getting ready to 6r80 swap my car and I’m seriously considering looking in to the dash/interior swap as well. 

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