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supercharger > turbo > nitrous (imo)

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my '02 gt came with some stuff already done to it, including wet nitrous, tuner, whole thing. i even installed a bottle opener switch as the only thing seemed missing. 


but the more i learn about performance, the more i wish i could just sell the nitrous (do people buy used?) and invest in supercharger system. why would anybody do otherwise? i do not understand the appeal of nitrous. is it because it's less $$ for install? but it is a HUGE pain in the ass to refill the tank (my experience anyway) and i cannot tell the difference in performance. it doesn't even sound different to me. 


i can't decide what to do. i can pay a performance shop about $100 to run it on the dyno & make sure things are not broken or plugged up, or i can try to sell the equipment, or... ??? any ideas?


thanks in advance!


oh btw this is my dd, i don't actually race except racing to work lol

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On 12/30/2016 at 5:24 PM, ttocs said:

$100 dyno?!  that is the cheapest I have heard of.  Yes the attraction to no2 is the ease of install and the fact that they may not need it much.  

I've seen as low as $80 for a couple runs and no tuning/diagnostics. Yeah, I wouldn't have a problem using N2O for the occasional boost in power but I've stayed away from it because I want something more consistent and reliable. The appeal to N2O is cost and ease of use/install. If racing isn't a concern then I'd just make sure everything is hooked up and check the size of the jets. 75 or 100 hp shot would probably be fine on the stock shortblock. If everything is there and you don't feel a gain then the problem is probably tuning, which should be done for nitrous anyway. Aside from that, you WILL see a gain if going boost. But, you'll be looking at $2k minimum if you piece a kit together yourself. I guess it could be done cheaper with a turbo but that would require time and fabrication skills. Also, yes people buy used nitrous kits.


I'd probably just take it to the dyno to see if it's even working. Another (and cheaper) option would be to go to a track and make runs with and without N2O. There will be a difference in speed if you're consistent and the kit is working.

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I'm definitely more in favor of supercharged/turbocharged setups. Nitrous has never been my thing. It's a pain in the ass just having to stop and fill up the gas tank, much less keep going back to get nitrous bottles refilled. The main reason people do nitrous is usually the realtively low cost of admission initially vs. supercharging/turbocharging. The install is also much simpler.

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+1 to what everyone else had said. As far as a quick bang for your buck, but once you start running tanks through the car, your investment starts to surpass the cost of a supercharger/turbo set up. The only downside for you is the daily aspect of it so anything you change up you need to make sure you can swap out for a weekend or however quickly you need it to be done it. Either way If the car wasn't tuned, it's going to need to be with a turbo/supercharger and it should be tuned for nitrous. My gf had a 80shot on her 07 3v and while she never felt it hit in the seat of the pants, she picked up .6 seconds at the track so it was working lol

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