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One thing after another...

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Long story short, we bought our house 3 years ago and it has copper pipe throughout.  we have well water and it has slowly corroded the 30 year old pipes.  In the past 3 years of ownership we have had not 1, not 2, or 3, 4, 5, 6, but 7 leaks caused by this.  We always talked about converting the stupid place to PEX, well this past weekend we finally pulled the trigger on buying all the materials after we had another leak in our almost completed study/man cave.    All this after just installing new insulation in the ceiling and also putting in 2 new toilets in the house *facepalm



new insulation in the basement




old toilet that took 3-4 times to flush completely....




new toilet that takes 1/2 a flush to flush 





New leak! yay!





Here comes the PEX and materials.... fml  was not expecting to spend a grand on the house





needed all new faucets for the showers because i was not going to re-use any copper in the system.




Installing the PEX was pretty easy actually, our basement is still almost wide open so running the new lines was a breeze.  Getting them through the walls behind the showers and sinks was a little bit of a pain. 





All of our pipes looked about 2x worse than what this does. disgusting





During all this, i went in for a root canal!   lol  fml





To add insult to injury at this point, we needed one more thing to go wrong.

Water pump leaking like a sieve anyone?





I couldn't get parts for the Fairbanks Morse pump for another week, so we just bit the bullet and bought a new pump.  its 30 years old, might as well go new.






I better not have to put another cent into this place for at least the wedding is past...


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that's a lot of work you've done Will.  definitely a good idea to just convert everything over.  i would love to go pex in the future.  thankfully i'm currently leak free so until that starts happening i'm going to keep knocking on wood.  

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