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96 V6 swaps

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I have a 96 V6 Auto. I've done an engine swap, stayed the V6 because I had never done an engine swap. I've drove her for about a year, she is my daily. I want to swap a 5.8 Efi out of an f150 probably a 96+ to get the roller setup. I'll use a an Aode transmission and have a shop put in a reverse manuel valve body. Now comes the questions


1.) Did any years of the Aode come with a speed sensor on the tranny vs on the diff

2.) Will a trucks wiring harness be sufficient or will be underwhelming

3.) Will a f150 axle fit under my car nice

4.) If I use a 95 gt k frame member how large of a hood Cowell do i need

5.) Are there any large issues I'm gonna run into


Any info would be great cuz I'm not gonna start the build until I know everything. 




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